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Thursday, February 03, 2005

3:00 pm

Harukon dvd DASE!! HAYAKU!!!!!!

Ok, the dvd was officially released yesterday 02.02.05. Have been seeing pictures of the box cover and also the poster for the dvd sale promotion. OMG. It's THE MOST BEAUTIFUL dvd cover i have EVER EVER seen. Ok, thou I liked DB dvd cover alot too. But I thot that it was abit kinda plain-looking. Now, this Harukon dvd cover is reaaaallllyyy KIREI!!!!!!! Is there a better word than kirei? Cos the dvd cover needs a better word than kirei to describe it.

Well, since a picture can speak a thousand words. 2 pictures can speak two thousand words?? baka baka loracyn Anyway, here they are.

(Credits to cdjapan for posting the image of the dvd cover and to Jan for sending me the pic of the poster *arigatou* )

So........kirei deshou???? *nods nods nods nods nods* Tanoshimi~~ dvd hayaku hayaku!! Actually, there is no pt in me screaming or praying for the dvd to come. Bcos it's NOT even shipped yet Well, cos i had to try to save on shipping costs. So, i decided to ship my harukon dvd with the calendar. Maybe i shld stay away from my comp for the next 2 weeks? Cos i m sure everyone who gets it earlier than me are gona kyah and scream abt it. And i just CANNOT take that. Noooo........urgh urgh urgh But it's impossible to stay away from my comp!!!! my comp is my source of T&T!!!! My life depends on my comp!!! Ok, how pathetic that sounds But, well, it's true ain't it? Can u imagine if we didnt have our comp or internet??? I think we wld all not have gotten to know each other and our sources of T&T would have been reduced to almost zilch. Now, we are all like one big happy T&T family! Thou it's hard for us overseas fans, but we gamfammi for Takki-sama!!!! We do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING for him!!

Ahh......dvd box cover honto ni honto ni subarashi!!! Cant wait to view the contents!! I think I will faint from too much excitement when my shipment arrives at my doorstep

Will try to update tonight again. Especially if there are more reports on any news about the dvd. (Sheesh...and I just said that I should stay away from my comp for the next 2 weeks)

I WANT MY HARUKON DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


::::::::::[loracyn loves Yoshitsune]::::::::

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