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Friday, January 28, 2005

9:30 am

Yoshitsune vs Takki ^ - ^

Ok, couldnt resist and just had to post this super duper extremely KIREI and KAWAII pic of Takki (since WHEN is he NOT kirei anyway?? hmm....NEVER deshou?? *nods nods nods head* I am sure we all agree on that fact. ROFL LMAO~~)

(Thank u Bee-chan for sending me the photo *bows* If I am not wrong, this pic is originally from TV mag?)

LOOKIE!! How extremely kawaii Takki is!!!! How can anyone on earth be as kawaii as him???? It's like past vs present, yin vs yang, black vs white. Except of cos it's still him. Just that he's protrayed in 2 different types of costume/wear. Doesnt it look like the 2 Takki-s are having such an interesting conversation with each other?? LOL~ TWO Takki-s looking at each other SMILING so innocently and looking so kawaii. So cute!! *pinch pinch pinch* THAT smile of his just fills my heart up with so much warmness and happiness that if he smiles like that to me, I will willingly do anything....anything for him!! oh my oh my... His smile just totally makes my day worthwhile!! I feel so genki after looking at his smile that it doesnt matter how little sleep I get. LOL~~ I will definitely gamfammi at work!!! I see his smile and my heart just totally melts my heart and my entire body into mushy, gooey liquid and still bask in eternal bliss!! LOL~~ Looking at his smile and cute expression just makes all my work stress and worries go away *poof* I just have to look at his smile and I will smile too LOL~~ And best of all, this stress-cum-worry therapy is absolutely FREE!! Who ever needs to seek/pay for psychiatric help???? Definitely not me. Takki's smile and expression is enough for me yo. LMAO~~


::::::::::[loracyn loves Yoshitsune]::::::::

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