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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

1:45 am

Valentine's Day Rabu Rabu

Ok, time for celebration for all TxT, T&T fans out there!!

Takki sent a msg to Tsubasa on J-web!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, let's celebrate somemore!
Gone deliriously happy + mad already. Please excuse me. Firstly, about Takki's latest Takiren. Woah!!! Takki is so inquisitive ne~~ He asked hell alot of questions!!! In Singlish, we would basically just say that he's really "kapo". But poor Takki was in the middle of Yoshitsune shooting on Valentine's Day. Otherwise, I am so ABSOLUTELY sure that he will somehow try to meet up with Tsubasa to spend some time together. ZETAI I mean come on, how can the Oujisama and Ohimesama NOT meet or spend time together on Valentine's Day deshou? And wow, Takki has become a love counsellor. He believes that one should take the chance and confess his/her feelings for the other party on this day.
Ok, ME ME!!! I confess!!
I love and shall support you Hideaki Takizawa for as long as I possibly can!!! (Is that even considered as a confession? )

And oh my, he actually told his friends to go and beg for gifts/chocolates if they didnt get any. In Japan, it's the females who give the males gifts on Valentine's Day. And the gifts are usually chocolates, handmade ones to be exact. And on White's Day, the guys are supposed to return the gesture. Not sure what the usual gesture is supposed to be, but a female should receive from at least 3 guys.

Ok, and the CRUCIAL HIGHLIGHT of the Takiren. Takki replied Tsubasa and said that he was surprised when Tsubasa contacted him yesterday cos it's been long since Tsubasa contacted him. Wow, they really have not been keeping in touch with each other for some time huh? With Takki involved in Yoshitsune and Tsubasa taking part in Endless Shock and the NHK drama. But he asked Tsubasa to wait. For his answer? Is Takki gona reply Tsubasa on J-Web? Or are they gona have a secret outing and Takki will only reply to Tsubasa alone? After all, Tsubasa didnt contact Takki thru J-Web. Perhaps Tsubasa called Takki and not msged him ne~ And yes, our dear Takki who CANNOT resist showing off regardless of whatsoever just HAD to say that he DEFINITELY received MORE chocolates than Tsubasa. BAKA BAKA TAKKI!!! You just had to compare, didnt you?? Oh my, what on earth do we do with this boy?

*pinch pinch pinch pinch pinch pinch pinch pinch pinch*


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