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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

12:10 am

Yoshitsune Epi 5

Yoshitsune Epi 5 -- JST 20:10-20:55; February 12 JST 13:10-13:55 (R); February 13 JST 01:10-01:55 (R) [SGT is just 1 hour earlier than JST)

The all important bridge scene where Shanaou meets Benkei for the first time. On the way going back from Kyoto, Shanaou is wearing the super kirei veil on his head as a disguise to pass off as a woman. This is to prevent him from being found by the Heike people. He is playing his flute as he thinks of Tokiwa and sees a huge figure from across the bridge. (Shanaou looks beautiful beyond words playing the flute under the veil ) The huge figure is Benkei who has been hunting swords from the Heike people. At first Benkei thinks Shanaou is a woman and lets him walk past. However, he spots Shanaou wearing straw slippers and walks like a man (I think) and saw the handle of a sword/dagger tucked under Shanaou's belt. Thus, Benkei stops Shanaou. Mistaking Shanaou for a Heike, Benkei attacks him. Ok, this is where all the wire work comes in. Shanaou FLIES and LANDS on the edge of the bridge. Super kakkoii here. As Shanaou keeps avoiding Benkei's attacks, Shanaou drops the flute given by Tokiwa in a river. Shanaou gets pissed cos the flute was a present from Tokiwa. So, Shanaou fights back. Firstly, Benkei took off his what... FIVE-inch high wooden slippers. Shanaou only had a small short dagger while Benkei had this long sword. But Shanaou was really swift! Benkei missed Shanaou and his long sword hit this HUGE sakura tree overhanging the bridge. Dakara, we get the effect of a gazillion sakura flowers/petals fluttering down, which made the ENTIRE scene so KIREI. Then, Shanaou lands on Benkei's sword gently. WOAH! Is that like qing gong or what??! (Qing Gong is like a high level of internal energy which is usually depicted in Chinese swordplay shows. The swordsman is very light-footed because he has practised his skills to a very high level and has obtained a large amount of internal energy. Something like that ) Anyway, Shanaou successfully avoids Benkei's attacks repeatedly. In the end, Shanaou lifted his sleeve to cover his face, leaving only his eyes to be seen. Then, the clouds covered the moon and Shanaou DISAPPEARED! WOAH! Then Benkei just tried to attack and Shanaou somehow appeared at Benkei's feet and used Benkei's wooden sword cover to trip Benkei over. Benkei fell and was too painful to get up. Dakara, Shanaou won the fight! Then Shanaou just coolly placed the wooden sword cover on the ground in front of Benkei and picked up his veil. He put the veil over his head and walked off slowly, calmly, as in nothing had happened on the bridge!

Ok, next. When Tokiko hears from Kiyomori about his plan to make their daughter Tokuko the Emperor's bride, she sets out a scheme to realize the plan. One day, Utsubo goes to Kurama Temple to find Shanaou. At first, Shanaou doesnt recognise her. But he did in the end. They went for a walk and talked by a stream. He is amazed to find her matured having survived through difficulties and she reminds him of Tokiwa. After Shanaou sees Utsubo off in Kyoto, he happens to be chased by the Heike warriors. When he runs into a shrine to hide, he meets Shizuka, a dancer who helps him out from the chase. Shizuka dressed him as a woman and used a veil to cover his head too. Apparently, Shizuka knows who Shanaou is. She also knew of Tokiwa. (Ok, I didnt really understand what they were saying exactly. But that was the gist that I caught.) As a parting gift, Shizuka gave Shanaou the clothes and veil that was used to disguise him. She also gave him a flute. How apt as Shanaou had just previously lost the one Tokiwa gave him. Later, Shanaou was sitting somewhere playing the flute and thought of Shizuka. (Ok, this marks the start of their love relationship.)

Back at the Heike household, Kiyomori took a prestigious sword, "Higekiri no Tachi" which had been always inherited by the Genji successors, at the end of the battle of Heiji. The Heike people examined the sword by taking out the blade from the sword handle! Woah.. it was done in 1 swift motion too. This sword turns out to be a counterfeit due to the words engraved onto the blade. (Eto, I am not sure what should be the correct words.) And Kiyomori rages against Yoritomo who intentionally made the false assertion on the sword. During the night, Kiyomori vents his anger by using the counterfeit sword to slash and chop down all the plants and trees in the courtyard. In doing so, the blade breaks into 2. Thus, the Heike people also start a search for Shanaou as he is Yoritomo's younger brother.


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