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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

3:30 am



I thot I had enough kayhing and screaming last night and from Yoshitsune Episode 5. Went to nere's last night and *&^%$!$^^%#$!*(^$*%+#!*& HOLY SHEETTTTTTT Takki and his trademark cliffhangar Takiren again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My gosh...i worry for my heart. So many heart attacks in such a short period of time! preview of Harukon dvd, Yoshitsune Episode 5, Takki's cliffhangar Takiren. What's next?!?! Oh my oh my, we fans might need to have pacemakers very soon! Ok, let's see, what can POSSIBLY happen in May?

new single (Mirai Koukai highly possible kana? or a song that we have not heard yet? or REAL DX????? nere says we must not give up hope on REAL DX )
Harukon 2005 (But Yokohama Arena is already booked for NEWS. Hmm... another arena/hall?)
Thaicon 2005 (Pattaya Music Festival highly possible option too as I believe it's usually held sometime then? And Takki did PROMISE that they would be back. And we all know that Takki's promise is as SURE as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west )
Tsunami Charity Con (Ok, I duno abt you guys, but I kinda think this is possible too as Jimusho has this knack for supporting and donating to earthquake struck or related victims. Remember Taiwan and Niigata? And I am 99.999999% sure that if Takki or T&T or Johnny Jrs do hold a Tsunami Charity Con, it will be in Thailand. )

PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS let it be the release of a new single!!! Oh pls.... Though I would really love to see them live again, but...I duno if I have enough $$ to go in May. It's really quite soon! And, I duno if I can get leave. And, OMG it's gona be yet another sakusen!!! If it's a con in Japan, ok, at least we just have to mainly deal with the ojisan dafuyas and illegal entry into the con. As if that's NOT bad enough, if it's gona b a con in Thailand, OMG OMG OMG it's seriously gona b super super taihen. Ok, it's definitely cheaper to go Thailand than to japan. BUT it's an insane situation in Thailand! If anyone doesnt know, in Thailand, ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE and ALL RULES ARE BROKEN. If you think the crowd in Japan is crazy, have NOT SEEN the fans in Thailand. It's TOTALLY insane in Thailand. U know what, I think it's the fans in South East Asia. Let's just say that the MAJORITY of the fans (99.99999%) are OVER-enthusiastic. Everyone ignores all authorities and rules and watever nots. At least in Japan, there are huge hordes of fans but everyone is polite and still keep in lines and wait patiently and abide to the Jimusho rules. It's really 2 very different con experiences ne~ But, I do not understand. WHY IS IT ALWAYS THAILAND? I mean, does Jimusho only think of South East Asia or Asia as ONLY Thailand??? Thailand is the ONLY country in S.E.A. which exists in his dictionary??? NANDE?????


Ok, at least if T&T releases a new single, I can just order the cd online and send it by EMS. It is a million times less taihen than planning for a con. But of cos, the end result of going to a con is a zillion times more satisfying than getting a new single. Unless of cos the new single is REAL DX, ah ha! Then, that's a totally different thing all together. It would be total shiawaseness!!!!

Takki, pls pls pls be nice to us ever-starving fans and update your Takiren! HAYAKU ne~~

Ok, now that I have let it off my chest. Perhaps I can leave my usual weekly kyahing of Yoshitsune to tomorrow kana?


::::::::::[loracyn loves Yoshitsune]::::::::

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