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Thursday, February 24, 2005

2:30 am

Takki VTR @ SC (050220)

Saw Takki's VTR on (050220) Shokura. Arigatou to nere and tako for uploading the clip. OMG. This is all the entertainment I need in my life. Yep. 5 mins is all it takes. Besides gaping at the super kakoii and kirei Kyon hair, was getting the fits cracking up in front of my computer looking at Takki's expressions.

Inoo-kun!!! How extremely slow can you get?? Takki is just sitting BESIDE you yo! How could you NOT mention Takki in your ans??? Ok, if you really admire Kimura, that's fine with stating him as your first ans. I mean, it's Kimura that we are talking about. He belongs to a totally different league. But after that, you said for closer senpais, Kame and Jin are kakoii? Not that I do not think so. Demo, aiyoyo, you are sitting beside HIS HIGHNESS yo!!!! It's Tackey Oujisama aka Ero-jiji aka Yoshitsune-sama that we are talking about here yo!! Can I just whack you already? baka baka blur Inno-kun. And even after Takki dropped this GIGTANTIC hint that he was "closer" to Inoo-kun (because he was only sitting beside him), Inoo said that he also likes Tsubasa-kun. Aiyo, Inoo was just totally oblivious to Takki's "shocked-but-still-trying-to-get-Inoo-to-say-his-name" look. Did Inoo do this to Takki on purpose? So that he could get this extremely rare chance to try and embarass Takki? And what made Inoo mention Tsubasa? Was Tsubasa super yasashii to Inoo on the previous SC VTR that Tsubasa made such a huge impression on him? I mean, Takki should have made a bigger impression on Inoo. After all, they did Dream Boy together desho? I am sure that Takki took good care of Inoo then. Takki always takes great care of his juniors. Dakara, shouldnt Inoo and Takki have spent more time together than Inoo with Tsubasa? Oh my, Tsubasa, what did you do to Inoo to impress him so much yo?

And then, Takki couldnt take it anymore. He just had to do something. He WHACKED Inoo on his head and chided him that he was the nearest to him and Inoo didnt mention Takki at all??! Only after that did Inoo say "Takizawa-kun MO suki!!" Gyah... but Takki started to complain that Inoo used "mo" = like he was NOT important and is only added on as a afterthought. Oh dear. Poor Takki really had a major dent in his ego. But it's ok. *gape at Takki's hair and pat him on his head* Takki, we all love u ne~~~ We will definitely rank you as the FIRST in anything and everything even remotely related to you.


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