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Thursday, March 24, 2005

4:30 pm

NHK StudioPark (050322)

(editted @ 3AM)

Takki appeared on NHK StudioPark on Tuesday (050322). I only got a short part of it (02:22). But it's the essence I think. They showed Takki's appearance on NHK StudioPark when he was 15 years old, doing a dance!!!! So cute!!!!!

When the hosts first tell Takki that they are going to show Takki's appearance on NHK StudioPark when he was only a 15yr old boy, Takki's expression went from shocked to embarrassed to anxious. (& anticipative?) I think he was worried also, didn't really know what to expect.

The VTR is from 1997.5.5 NHK StudioPark.

15-yr old Takki enters through a side-door when the hosts of StudioPark introduces him. He looks soooo excited and raises both hands in the air repeatedly as the live audience cheers and screams loudly. Takki was so excited that he forgot to close the door after that!!! Then the female host says, "Kawaii desu ne~~~" (Of course yo! It's Takizawa!!! ) Then the scene cuts to Takki standing at a side of the couch and the 2 hosts watching him. Music starts and Takki starts moving to the beat of the music as if in preparation before the start of a dance. (In the inset, we can see 22yr-Takki laughing hysterically at 15yr-Takki. ) And then Takki starts dancing to the music!! Takki was so embarrassed that he said, "Yamete kore~~!!!"

TAKIZAWA, YOU ERO ERO JIJI-SAN!!! (at 15 yrs old!!!)

After the VTR ended, Takki was so embarassed. But all the hosts and other guests were like, "Sugoi desu ne~~~~" And of course Takki couldn't stop grinning!!!!!!!!!! Ahh.... Takki's grin!!! Kawaii~~~~~ Takki was so hot from the embarrassment that he had to use his hands to fan himself!! Takki was like, "Hazukashii~~~" and "Bikkurishita~~~"

01:29. They showed a spilt second of the live audience. The ones lucky enough to sit on chairs inside the studio were mainly middle-aged women. And the majority of the fans were watching from outside the glass window. Btw, I saw 2 handdrawn potraits of Yoshitsune which fans held to the glass window.

I wonder if anything else interesting happened after that? The clip I have ends shortly after the VTR. Hmm.... I do have StudioPark on my cable. But the schedule for the airing of StudioPark is totally unearthly!!!! If I am still a student, I would still be able to watch it because I sleep at insane times. But as a OL now, I can't afford to. StudioPark airs @ about 4+ PM and 4+ AM on my cable. Hmm.... I have to move my butt and seriously schedule some timer recordings!!! I have to utilise my NHK channel more yo!!!

(Credits of info & clip to Blu & Elysia @ JC. )


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