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Monday, March 07, 2005

11:00 pm

Yoshitsune Epi 8 (050227)

The episode starts off with a short recap of the previous episode.

Shanaou goes to find Kichiji. As usual, he hides under a veil to go around the city. He sees Kiyomori's eldest son and the Heike people riding on horses holding hats in victory. They have gone to get back their hats from the previous incident where they suffered an insult. (Remember Kiyomori's 2 other sons who were stopped in the middle of the streets and lost the brawl and had their hats removed? The eldest son went to claim back their dignity by taking the hats back.) Shanaou sees this and the ojisan who usually goes around in a wheelchair was also present. (Ok, there are narrations and short conversations here. But gomenasai, watashi wa wakarimasen.)

A group of people report to the ex-emperor Goshirakawa about the Heike clan and the Emperor seems perplexed. Kiyomori also has a meeting with all his sons. His sons are worried and agitated about Yoritomo in Izu. They are worried that Yoritomo will plan to attack them and plead with Kiyomori for him to do something to prevent this from happening. The second eldest son is angry with Kiyomori after the meeting has ended as he feels that Kiyomori is too soft-hearted and he wants to do something about the situation himself. After the meeting ended, Kiyomori and the eldest son have a separate talk.

Shanaou, with his usual veil disguise goes to find Tokiwa. Gotari and Utsubo accompany him to help him out. They meet Kichiji and I think Kichiji said that Tokiwa was not around or it was not convenient at that time to meet Tokiwa? Shanaou is visibly disappointed and Gotari and Utsubo accompany Shanaou back to Kurama. I think Shanaou says that no matter what, he will find a way to see Tokiwa again. Gotari and Shanaou agrees to help him. At the steps up to Kurama Temple, they see Benkei sleeping sitting up. Benkei have been waiting for Shanaou to return. Gotari and Utsubo turns to leave Shanaou and Shanaou thanks them for everything. Unknown to Benkei, there is another way up to Kurama Temple. Shanaou sneaks up and avoids Benkei who is still sleeping and snoring away. And Shanaou gives such a happy grin that he succeeded in avoiding Benkei that he looked like he was a child who has just been offered a handful of sweets!!! Ahh.....totemo kawaii ne~~~~

Kiyomori's daughter, Tokuko is with Kiyomori and Tokiko. I think Kiyomori and Tokiko tells Tokuko their intention to try and make Tokuko the wife of Goshirakawa. Tokuko is not happy with the decision but knows that she has no choice and is in no position to change this decision. Tokiko gets angry that Tokuko does not appreciate their good intentions and she apologises to Kiyomori for her daughter's reactions. And then Kiyomori goes off into this long speech which....of course i don't understand. But I think he's talking about his plan and how he is going to go about realising it.

Oh yea, and then we see Shanaou cleaning the floor at Kurama with him kneeling and holding a cloth, ie. the traditional Japanese style of cleaning floors. Gotari comes to find Shanaou and tells him something about Tokiwa.

In Izu, Yoritomo reads a letter about the update of happenings in Kyoto. I think he finds out about Kiyomori's dream of Fukuhara and devises to plot a plan. He went to the beach to think things over and Masako happen to rides her horse over. Yoritomo tells her that he is thinking of a plan and Masako gets interested. She sits with him to discuss/ponder the plan over. However, oblivous to them, there are Heike spies watching them.

Back in Kyoto, the sons have a meeting with Kiyomori again with the latest updates from their spies from Izu. They are worried of a Genji revolution against the Heike clan. And Yoshiko appears in this episode!!! Still being a child that is, so it's not Goto Maki's appearance yet. Yoshiko is the daughter of Kiyomori and Tokiwa. Tokiko was furious when she found out about Yoshiko that she sent Yoshiko away and Yoshiko never saw Tokiwa since.

(To Be Continued.....)


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