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Monday, February 28, 2005

3:06 am


I think I (and many other T&T/TxT fans included) am just destined to suffer a heart attack every other day. Snuffles checked her EMS tracking for her goods from cdjapan and got a message that freaked ME out. So I panicked and checked mine too. Oh SHEET, I got the EXACT same message as her.

28/02/2005 00:09
SPEEDPOST SERVICE CENTRE - Acknowledged of Items at Processing Centre
Bag Opened at Processing Centre

When, I saw "28/02/2005 00:09", I was like YATA!!! My dvd & calendar have ARRIVED in SG! (That was only about 3 hours ago!) But then I read the next line and saw "Bag Opened at Processing Centre". WTF?! Mata?!?! I am seriously crossing my fingers and toes and praying that nothing is going to happen to my goods. My DB dvd was already in horrible condition when it came. Snuffles sent complaint emails and called up BFC but nobody wanted to take the blame for it. Urgh, shall not rant about it anymore. Just spoils my mood thinking about it. This "Bag Opened at Processing Centre" better just be a normality that EVERY overseas parcel has to go through and that they will treat the parcels NICE and repack them PROPERLY with ample cushioning. They better NOT throw the goods around and damage or dent or fold anything in any way whatsoever. I do not want my goods to arrive looking like second-hand goods without proper packaging. I have been waiting extremely patiently for this shipment for a long time and not to mention the amount that I spent on it. The previous shipment of Serenade arrived nicely. I hope the DB shipment was just a one-off bad luck heart-breaking experience.

Kamisama, ONEGAISHIMASU~~~~~~~~~


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