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Saturday, March 05, 2005

3:18 am

ZOOMIN Interview (050301)

Takki's ZOOMIN interview on 050301. Sorry this is late. (Everything is late recently due to all the shocks. ) I mentioned it a few days ago. But just didnt get down to posting it properly. It's about Takki planning his future. It's pretty hilarious. He really misses his classmates from school (cos he repeats THRICE that he wants to go for his class gatherings ) and he also really wants to become a young father yo. Takki-kun, ii ne~~~ Your genes will get passed on.

(Edited on 050305)

(Original site = Original translation by Momo and given to me by Bee. Doomo arigatou ne~ )

050329 - 23sai birthday will not have any special planning ... but will still be working! (Takki-kun, taihen ne~~) In October, all of Yoshitsune shooting will be finished! (Hmm, does that mean perhaps a new album will be released soon after that? )

From 2006 - Tackey & Tsubasa will start to hold concerts in Hachiouchi (Takki's hometown) and Fujisawa (Tsubasa's hometown) every year!

2007 - Takki (& Tsubasa!!) will be involved in the work of a new single's shooting! I will also return to Hachiouji to join his classmates for a gathering for the first time!

2008 - Takki (& Tsubasa!!) wish to go to Taiwan or Thailand and Asia to hold concerts!! (YES!!! PLS FUFILL THIS WISH!!! ONEGAISHIMASU!!!)

2009 - I will be an idol in the day and transform into a strong policeman at night. (Takki, I think everyone will recognise you in the police uniform ne. Perhaps even WANT to get caught by you on purpose!! ) I wish to have a police role in a drama!

2010 - I want to challenge film shooting!! (SG better bring this movie in!!)

2011 - Takki will have a lightning marriage! I will marry my girlfriend whom I have fallen in love with for three years and she is a lifestyle girl! I will then hold the wedding in Yokohama Arena (Yappari, Yokohama Arena is special to him ne~) and cover my face with a mask! (baka baka Takki!!! He will wear a mask to his OWN wedding??!!! It's not a costume party yo! )

2013 - The first baby boy is born!

2015 - A baby daughter is born! I (& Tsubasa!!) wish to hold concerts in Taiwan or Thailand .. and also around Asia! (Takki, if you can tour around ASIA TWICE in my lifetime, I will be contented forever. )

2016 - There will be a classmate gathering again!

2020 - I wish to challenge the role of being a Film Supervisor! The title of the film has not been confirmed yet but it has the feel of an Amercian film!

2022 - 40sai

2026 - Classmate gathering!

2027 - I wish to act in a detective drama!! (He seems to really like being a law-enforcer huh?)

2032 - 50sai! I will have a hot spring hotel in the mountains! (And every fan will go hunt down the location of that hotel regardless how secluded it will be )

2036- Hisashiburi after 10 years. So, concerts will be held again. But ... I will have asthma after singing the second song (Oh don't you worry Takki! I am sure you will still be very fit at this age because you are a health-cum-workout conscious manic!!! )

2042 - 60sai!

2052 - 70sai! There will be a burglar who attacks my hot spring hotel but I will use my strong legs to bring him down!

2057- I will be taken care of by my wife and leave the world .. I will leave a message to my fans. After three days, I will return to become a boy and be a super idol again. (Takki, have you been influenced abit too much by the concept of Good Friday and Easter?? But, I think he must enjoy his work and life alot now that he wants to do it ALL over again desho? Aww.... )

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