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Thursday, March 03, 2005

3:15 am

Yoshitsune Epi 7 @ 050220

Yes, I know I am more than super late for Epi 7 synopsis. Gomenasai~~~~ Gyah... There was just too much to do and too much freaking out. This should calm me down for now.

The episode starts off with showing Kiyomori's yume of shifting the capital to Fukuhara. It also shows modern-day Fukuhara as a port/industrial area I believe. Hmm, I think it is trying to show us that Kiyomori's yume was actually a very far-sighted decision which is currently in use in the modern world today.

In Kyoto, Shanaou (with his usual disguise as a female under a veil. I think he is using the red one that Shizuka gave him. It looks similar to me.) with Utsubo and Gotari happens to see Kiyomori and his group heading for Fukuhara in Kyoto. Shanaou remembers when he was younger and heard Kiyomori's talk about the city of his dream and gets interested in seeing Fukuhara and its sea. He then tells Utsubo and Gotari about his decision to go to Fukuhara. Kisanta overheards the conversation and goes up to Shanaou riding in a horse. Shanaou sees him and immediately asks him if his injury is ok already. (Ah....yasashii ne~~ After all, Kisanta ambushed him yo!!) Kisanta tells Shanaou that he overheard his conversation and tells him that he wants to follow him to Fukuhara. He says that he wants to follow wherever Shanaou is going. (I think) Then Shanaou smiles at him. (Ahhh....his smile) But then a group of people arrive who are actually chasing after Kisanta. I dont know why though. So Kisanta hurriedly leaves on his horse.

Shanaou returns to Kurama Temple and looks far ahead at the mountains beyond, thinking about Fukuhara. Then, a fellow monk comes to tell Shanaou that someone is looing for him. It is Benkei. But a group of monks stop Benkei from entering the temple.

Shanaou goes to find Kichiji and tells him about his decision to go to Fukuhara. Shanaou emphasises that he really wants to see Fukuhara and the sea. Kichiji agrees to help him.

In Izu, Yoritomo is sitting at a streambank fishing with a friend. Then, across the streambank, they see Masako riding on a horse. She lets her horse rest and also washes her face. The 2 men comments something about her and starts laughing. Masako sees them laughing at her and gets angry. She starts to pick up pebbles from the streambed and throws as hard and far as she can to try to hit them. But they are too far away to get hit. That only makes the 2 men laugh even more. The next scene shows Masako slightly undressed in another stream washing up. She sees Yoritomo walking towards her. (with a hentai ojisan expression!!) She gets flustered and tries to cover herself up. Gyah, Yoritomo smiles at her as he walks! (really hentai expression!) Then, we see Masako waking up in a fright in her own bedroom at night. Ah, it was just a bad dream. But it shows that she is troubled by her feelings for Yoritomo that she is not supposed to have.

Masako's mother points out to her husband, Hojo Tokimasa that Masako is unusually depressed. Tokimasa is concerned about her. Masako's mother tells Tokimasa that she knows what is troubling Masako. She tells him that Masako has feelings for Yoritomo. Tokimasa is furious upon hearing that because he is helping the Heike clan but Yoritomo is from the Genji clan. (I think this is the reason.) Still being angry, Tokimasa immediately rides a horse to go confront Yoritomo. Erm, I think he was trying to see if Yoritomo would accept and like Masako and that if anything should happen, he would leave Masako in his care. (or something like that.) Yoritomo is bewildered about what has just happened. Masako is hiding in the bushes. She had actually trailed her father and overheard the conversation.

Shanaou goes to Fukuhara with Kichiji and hears from him about Hiraizumi and its splendors. Here, Shanaou sees the sea for the first time in his life. He steps into the water and scoops some water in his hand and drinks it!!! He immediately spits out the water cos it's salty!! (This is the scene where both snuffles and nere screencapped a smiling kawaii Shanaou.) Aiyaya!!! YOU wa mountain boy!! It's SEAWATER yo!! Bwahaahaaa!!!!

Shanaou sees the dream capital that Kiyomori described before and thinks about the past. Shanaou asks Kichiji about Hiraizumi. Then, they spot a boat in the sea. Shanaou sees Kiyomori on the boat and calls out to him. But the boat is too far. Understanding the chasm between himself and Kiyomori whom he has adored just like his father, Shanaou decides to go to Hiraizumi.

Kiyomori entertains the ex-emperor Goshirakawa at Fukuhara who promises to make Tokuko, Kiyomori's daughter, to become a wife of the emperor. This aggravates a conflict between the Heike and court nobles.

Yoritomo is talking to his foster mother, this other woman and the guy who was fishing with him. (I forgot their names.) He realizes that Masako has feelings for him. He is chotto troubled and confused about this problem. He mentions the problem to his lover who is digging the garden with this HUGE hoe. She is doing all the hard labour while Yoritomo is lazing around?! And I think they sort of agreed to remain as status quo even if Yoritomo is to marry Masako. (I think!!) Then Yoritomo lies down and rests his head on his lover's lap. (Yeek, I dont know. But her kimono was dirtied from the garden soil and he just laid his head there. Ah, sorry. Major sidetrack here.)

While travelling in the sedans along the street in Kyoto, the 2 sons of Kiyomori get stopped by another sedan travelling in the opposite direction. I think they are from another clan. A fight between the 2 groups break out. The Heike group lost terribly and the other clan removed the hats of the Heike. I believe this is seen as an insult/disgrace in their time. The 2 brothers had no choice but to go back the way where they came from. The eldest brother is furious when his 2 younger brothers report to him.

Shanaou returns to Kyoto. He tells Utsubo about Fukuhara and Hiraizumi. Utsubo is sad that Shanaou is leaving as she will be left alone in Kyoto. Returning to Kurama's temple, Shanaou sees Benkei who has been waiting for him to ask to have him as a follower. This part is pretty hilarious. Benkei is just absolutely smitten with Shanaou that because he is much taller than Shanaou, he purposely went down a few steps (on the steps up to Kurama Temple) and bowed down to plead with Shanaou!!! Hora! Shanaou oozes so much attractiveness that Benkei is willing to be his follower forever! But Shanaou refuses to accept him. I think this is because Shanaou is going through a transition period now. He is making a decision to leave Kurama Temple and does not want to implicate anyone in his situation now. (I think!) But Benkei said that he will wait at the steps for Shanaou until he agrees. Woah! Benkei, you really just love Shanaou don't you? The last scene shows Shanaou contemplating on his decision and his life now. He looks troubled.

PS: The above synopsis is entirely based on my very limited knowledge of the japanese language and from what I watched. The feelings I expressed are what I myself felt and may not correctly protray what is shown in the episode. I apologise for any mistakes that I have made in my synopsis.


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