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Friday, March 18, 2005

12:02 am

KAMEN!!! (ToBase 050317)

I LOVE KAMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG!!! It's really very very good!!!! (Besides the fact that it's going to be used as the theme song for Mask 2 ) But the song sounds GREAT and to me, that is all that matters!!!!!

Tsubasa played Takitsuba's upcoming new single's song Kamen on tonight's ToBase. He played the whole song!!! It's really very good! I liked it the first time I heard it already. Love at First Hearing!!! And this time, you can really hear it so much more clearly on ToBase and feel the vibes of the song! And I can hear Takki singing!!! This is a UNIT song!!! Unit songs should be sung by BOTH of them!! I mean, the live version from the baseball game was only Tsubasa singing and there was alot of background sounds from the audience screaming as well. So, tonight is really the first time I heard Kamen so clearly!!! Like what Jenn said, I too feel that the first time the fans hear a new unit song, it should be properly sung by BOTH of them! This way, fans would be able to get the right impressions and feelings for the song.

Kamen is 5.02 mins long. The chorus is the best!!!! Upbeat and dance song!! Yata!!! PV dase!!!! Hayaku!!!!! I want AND need to know the dance movements!!!! Hmmmm..... so this single includes 2 theme songs ne? Kamen for Mask 2 and Mirai Koukai for One Piece. Actually, both songs do sound right for a movie/anime. I wonder what props are Takitsuba going to use for Kamen. Really interested to find out after listening to the song!! It's really upbeat!!! And I am sure they have to use a prop that is somehow in relation to the movie desho? Like how they used shawls and bit the shawls at the end of singing One Day, One Dream because ODOD was used for Inuyasha, to depict a dog biting something. Erm, for Kamen.... masks??? But how are the fans going to deal with masks? If we are going to cover our faces with masks, we wouldn't be able to keep our eyes glued on Takitsuba yo!!!!

皆さん!!! Have you pre-ordered your THREE versions of Kamen + Mirai Koukai single yet?? Kamen really sounds good!!! Plus after hearing it, my head just automatically imagines scenes from the PV. Sorry I cant concentrate on listening to the rest of ToBase to hear properly what Tsubasa said, much less translate it. Too engrossed with Kamen now.

borrows snuffles nick: 仮面は最高

(どうもありがとうございます to yosho for ToBase )

Kamen on endless auto-repeat mode


::::::::::[loracyn loves Yoshitsune]::::::::

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