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Monday, May 08, 2006

12:32 am

Takki's New Hairstyle

Takki sported a new hairstyle on Music Station (060505).

Takki has dyed it back to brown. The whole hairstyle is generally still the same except that it is shorter. Also, the right side is undershaven with 2 lines. But his front bangs are still there. ^_^

Both Takitsuba looked and behaved quite subduedly on MS. I think it was because their senpais, SMAP were on the same show. But SMAP was trying to be funny. Both Kimutaku and Nakai kept waving to Takitsuba before Venus started. Nakai even shouted out "Imai". *LOL*

SMAP were the guests for Mini-MS. At the end of Mini-MS just before the introduction of all the guests, Shingo did the Venus cha-cha move and mouthed the word "Venus". At the end of SMAP's talk with Tamori-san, Tamori asked Takki which type of girls does he like. Takki answered with his usual standard answer of "uchi mata". *LOL* Because Takitsuba were the first guests to perform, so unfortunately, there wasn't any proper talk between Tamori-san and Takitsuba.

I liked this Venus performance on MS this time. It was just the 2 of them on the stage. The stage floor had Venus written in red just like on their cd cover. The audience this time was mainly made up of children as it was Children's Day in Japan. There were even fathers who were standing at the back, and let their kids sit on their shoulders to get a better view. Both father and child were dancing to Venus! ^_^ I think it's really great cos you can really see people across different age groups of both sexes dancing to Venus. Venus has really achieved its aim of crossing all borders ne! ^_____^


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