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Monday, August 29, 2005

8:00 pm

34 @ 050828

(Editted @ 050831 1:50AM)

There were reports about the major episode #35 next week. So I thought I might as well add it in this entry. Next week's Dannoura battle between the Heike and the Genji is the decisive battle which kind of defined the Genji's victory against the Heike. The scenes were shot within 4 days at the Miura peninsula in the end of June. The scene of Yoshitsune-sama leaping from the Henji ship to the heike ship is apparently about 6.6 metres away!!!! (Thanks to Snuffles for correcting me!!) Takki said that when he went home to shower, there was gold dust everywhere. He said it was taihen. comes with ByteThumb  V 1.4 © Byteandi Oh my, I'm imagining hadaka Takki-sama covered with gold dust. WOAH!!! comes with ByteThumb  V 1.4 © Byteandi But he commented that the scene of the gold dust flying around was beautiful and fantastic. comes with ByteThumb  V 1.4 © Byteandi


The use of the gold dust in episode #35 was to protray a graceful feeling as opposed to the fighting in the Warring States Period. Thus, the scene where Yoshitsune-sama and Tomomori exchange blows is shown with Yoshitsune being covered with gold dust. Takki said that the gold dust catches one's eye while looking at the scene. In this article, it repeats what Takki said when he was taking a shower at night after shooting for the scene. The article also mentioned that Noriko Nakagoshi was very impressed with the scene and she cried, her tears did not stop.

Oh no.......I hope I won't be like her. comes with ByteThumb  V 1.4 © Byteandi



Having Benkei back from Kumano, Yoshitsune and his troops slowly advance on the sea to Nagato, where the Heike family has fled to. On the way, Yoshitsune succeeds in winning more local navies to the Genji’s side.

Utsubo goes to visit Shizuka. Moe happens to see them. For the first time, the 3 women sit down and have a talk. Otoku visits Yoshitsune with updates of news on Shizuka and Utsubo.

In Nagato, Tomomori and the rest of the Heike family are on alert but are confident since sea battles are their forte. However, Tokiko feels anxiety and works out a trick to protect Emperor Antoku, the very young emperor. Tomomori and Tokiko and all the Heike women have a discussion on the best course of action in the event that all is lost.

Hearing that it was Yoshiko who was on the boat holding the pole with the fan at Yashima, Yoshitsune worries about her safety. (There is a short recap of Yoichi shooting the arrow here. *lol*) As a battle between the Heike and Genji is approaching, Yoshitsune writes a letter to Yoshiko to let her know the way to protect herself from being attacked by the Genji’s army in the battle. Kisanta was sent to deliver the letter personally to Yoshiko in the wee hours of the morning. Yoshitsune told Yoshiko to identify herself by covering her head with a piece of white cloth. Upon reading the letter, Yoshiko is very touched that her brother cares for her.

Yoshiko happens to walk past a room and sees a large piece of white cloth flapping in the wind. Thus, she is reminded of Yoshitsune's letter to her and the way to protect herself during the inpending battle. The Heike women were actually inside the room discussing a trick to protect the young Emperor Antoku. By the time Yoshiko realises that she had overheard theeir secret plan, it was too late. One of the Heike women came out and found her eavesdropping. Thus, Yoshiko was dragged and locked into a room, for fear of her leaking the secret out.

Yoshitsune and the Genji army sail onward to Nagato.


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3:47 pm

Wonka's Golden Ticket

Charlie uncovered a Golden Ticket in his chocolate bar. He went running home to an extremely excited Grandpa Joe. Charlie has just won himself a pair of tickets to visit Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Grandpa Joe is accompanying him on the trip of their lifetime. Their lives will never be the same again. *LOL*

PS: I might have exaggerated a little about the part that it will be the trip of their lifetime and that their lives will never be the same again. (*^_^*)

PSS: Thus my renewed hopes for Oct. *thud*

PSSS: Takkicon dates wa?? Hayaku oshiete kudasai!~


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Friday, August 26, 2005

1:50 pm

Typhoon Mawar

Takki wa daijoubu ka? Shinpai shinpai. Apparently this typhoon was quite near to Tokyo area. Takki, pls update your Takiren!! Onegaishimasu~~~

I hope he was away from Tokyo on location shooting for Yoshitsune or Hakkenden. ^^;;;


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Thursday, August 25, 2005

12:20 am

Zubari Iu Wa Yo 4Hr SP

You gotta be kidding me. Didn't the 3 Hr SP just air on 9th August??? Now there is a FOUR HOUR ZUBARI SP?!?!?! Unbelievable!! (And I haven't even had a glimpse of the 3Hr SP episode yet! x_x) The ratings for the 3 Hr SP did really well. If I remember correctly, it ranked at No. 3 for that week, just 0.1% below SxS. I remember Snuffles and I were elated. (^_^) Maybe that's the key reason why they are coming up with this 4Hr SP? I hope the ratings top SxS this time round!!!! (^_^)V Hmm, I wonder what they are going to include in the 4Hr SP. (Psst, do something T&T related!!! Ratings will surely shoot sky high!!!! *lol*)

Ok, everyone note down (like we ever get to watch it live anyway -_-) Zubari Iu Wa Yo 4Hr SP on 27th September! O tanoshimi ni~~~~~~~~~~


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Monday, August 22, 2005

10:18 am

33 @ 050821


After the battle at Yashima, the Heike clan has fled further to the west. Thinking that the next battle would take place at sea, Yoshitsune suggests at a tactics meeting that they should make more local navies the Genji’s ally. However, he is criticized by Kagetoki for making the proposal without any means to realize it.

Saburo first volunteers to go to Kumano to persuade Tanzo (anyone watched Engine, the most recent Kimutaku's dorama? The actor as Tanzo is the father of Kimutaku in Engine), the leader of Kumano's strong fleet to help the Genji. But Benkei wants to go instead. He wants to to help Yoshitsune very much. Although the other retainers of Yoshitsune disagree because Benkei is poor at negotiation, Yoshitsune lets him go to Kumano alone. Everyone is worried for Benkei and also the task at hand.

At Kumano, Benkei is refused entry into Tanzo's house. Tanzo's retainers fight Benkei when Benkei refuses to leave. However, Benkei fights all of them off single-handedly. (There was even a Benkei look-alike with similar build, size, clothes, hairstyle etc!!! *ROFL*) Tanzo is actually inside the house engaging in cock fighting. Tanzo's retainers come and tell him that there is a guy outside looking for him. Beneki can be heard making a din outside, wanting to see Tanzo. Tanzo's retainers go out to fight him again. Benkei manages to fight them all off once again. This time, he even manages to enter the house. Beneki starts explaining and convincing Tanzo to become the Genji's ally.

However, Tanzo rejects to side the Genji family, feeling indebted to Kiyomori. Suddenly, Chidori appears in Tanzo's house. (I think it has something to do with her father that she is there.) In the end, the 2 men decide to by using a cock fight. Unfortunately, Benkei loses the cock fight. Benkei was very upset, thinking that he has failed in his mission to help Yoshitsune. However, Tanzo had a change of mind and handed Benkei a letter stating that he would help the Genji clan. Benkei was very shocked and thrilled that he has in fact succeeded. Benkei immediately proceeded to rush back to tell Yoshitsune the good news. Before leaving, Benkei and Chidori agree to meet again in Kamakura.

Yoshitsune and his retainers are at sea in the chase after the Heike. They meet Benkei halfway along the way along one of the shores. Everyone was extremely happy to see Benkei again and vice versa. Benkei waved the letter that he had happily in the air to show that he had succeeded in his task. Yoshitsune was very happy too.

SC: Yoshitsune-sama!!~~~~ Episode 35 mitaiiii~~~~~~ Your flying is WOAH~ albeit chotto unreal. But I am a biased fan. KAKKOII~~~~ (^^;;;) Takki, you didn't have to be so obvious did you? *thud* We all know how much you like P. And of course P, we all know that you like Takki A LOT as well. *lol* Jin, yes, that is so true. EVERYONE likes Takki desho? *rofl*

PS: Takkicon dates wa?


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Saturday, August 20, 2005

3:34 pm

Satomi Hakkenden - Hamaji

The role of Hamaji (Shino Inuzuka's love interest *cough*wife*cough*) in Satomi Hakkenden has been decided!!! It is Ayase Haruka (20 years old)! She is quite a new actress but she has been gaining popularity especially after her lead role in the dorama [世界の中心で、愛をさけぶ].

Credits : + Yomiuri +

PS: Takkicon dates wa?


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Thursday, August 18, 2005

1:32 am

Takiren 178

Ah, Takki knows his fans are worried about him ne? (^_^) Takki says he's fine!! *heaves huge sigh of relief* He said he was in the elevator when the earthquake struck! *LOL* Hmm.. he also said that it was very hot during Satomi Hakkenden's location shooting and for Yoshitsune's shooting as well. Yea, the weather is crazy recently. x_x

PS: Takkicon dates????


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Monday, August 15, 2005

1:06 pm

32 @ 050814 [Battle of Yashima]

For starters, I cut out Yoichi's part. Here: + ONE + TWO +

Episode 32: + ONE + TWO + THREE + FOUR + FIVE + SIX +

(Full Credits: Snuffles My recording device decided to play up on me on this super ultra important episode. My recording was fine for Yoichi's part. So I could upload that first (see above) Thank goodness both of us always record so we have back-ups. *lol* Snuffles has kindly uploaded hers for me this week. Arigatou gozaimashita~ If anyone needs an reupload for Yoichi's part or the whole episode, do let me know. Tip: If the clip stalls abit, just fwd it a sec.)

Yoshitsune and his troops experience a huge storm at sea. As the wind was getting too strong for the sails and holding the ship back, Yoshitsune used his sword to make two big slits to allow the wind to pass through the sails. Getting through the storm, Yoshitsune and his troops reach Yashima.

At Yashima, someone arrives to assist them in the local geographical terrain. They discuss their battle plan. In the Heike camp, Munemori and the others see a huge fire and hears cries and shouting in the distance. They now know that the Genji army is here and they prepare for battle. However, Yoshitsune and the Genji army still manage to attack them by surprise. The Heike army has part of their troops on the shore of Yashima and other reinforcements on ships nearby. Once they saw that the Genji army has launched an attack, reinforcements arrive by sea.

Inside the Heike camp, Tokiko, the other women and the young Emperor Antoku escape, bringing along with them the three treasures. When Yoshitsune and his retainers charge into the Heike camp, the whole Heike family were not there anymore. By the time Yoshitsune went back to the shore of Yashima, the Heike troops had all retreated by sea. Yoshitsune stopped his troops from chasing after them.

After a tense standoff, Tokiko comes up with an idea to measure Yoshitsune’s ability. She sends one of their boats with Yoshiko standing at the bow, holding a pole with a fan at the tip. Seeing this, Yoshitsune understands that the Heike family is provoking the Genji’s troops to shoot the fan. It would be an insult to the Genji army if they could not shoot the fan and that would help to restore some pride to the Heike army. Thus, Yoshitsune tells his retainers to send word to the whole Genji army to find the best archer that they have. In total, four people came forward. Among them, Nasuno Yoichi was the youngest and lowest ranked. Thus, no one felt that he was qualified enough to take up the challenge. But Yoichi showed the most character and attitude. In the end, Yoshitsune picked Yoichi over the rest to undertake this important challenge.

Yoichi got unto a horse and rode out to the edge of the sea. Everyone, including both the Genji and Heike clan wait with anxiousness to see if Yoichi could shoot the fan. This is because it concerns the pride of both clans. Yoichi pulled his arrow across his bow and waited for the wind to stop. In that spilt second that the wind paused, he let fly his arrow. The arrow hit the tip of the fan and dislodged it from the pole. The fan flew up and away and fell into the ocean. The whole Heike clan was shocked that their idea to insult the Genji backfired. Yoshitsune and the Genji army cheered from the shore of Yashima. Yoshitsune smiled at Yoichi. Yoichi nodded his head in thanks. He dismounted from the horse and knelt in front of Yoshitsune. To honour Yoichi, Yoshitsune gave Yoichi a sword in thanks. Yoichi accepted the sword and got up, to many cheers from Yoshitsune's retainers. Yoshitsune realises that Yoshiko is his half-sister and worries for her safety as she sails back to the main ship with the now empty pole.

At night, Saburo goes to the camp of a local ruling family who owns a fleet of boats. He succeeds in winning them over to help the Genji. Yoshitsune brings his troops and charges into a Heike house. However, the Heike army surrounds them. A fierce battle resumes. Sato Tsugunobu sees arrows aimed at Yoshitsune and stands in front of Yoshitsune to save him. Thus, Tsugunobu falls. Just the same time, Saburo arrives with the local ruling family and his followers to help save Yoshitsune and the others. Sensing that they are out-numbered, the Heike retreats. Tsugunobu is passing away fast and he speaks his last words with Ysohitsune and all the other followers. Everyone cries as Tsugunobu passes away.

The Heike clan has suffered yet another defeat. They are upset as their ships sail away from Yashima. Although the Genji clan has won, the victory at Yashima has come at a great price of losing one of Yoshitsune's close retainers.

PS: Although the rating increased from last week, it still ain't that great. This was a great episode imho. Yoichi appeared and Tsugunobu passed away, which is a landmark event in the history of Yoshitsune. The Battle of Yashima itself is a landmark event in Yoshitsune. Most importantly, Takki had said that he cried a whole year's of tears for this scene in one of his previous Takirens. And indeed, he really cried quite a bit. The scene was really sad. I bawled as well.


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Friday, August 12, 2005

10:06 am

Typhoon Masta

Got back last night at about 10pm. Started to cough during the flight. By the time I unpacked and bathed, I was having a fever. ~_~''' But I don't wana take another day off work cos I've already been away from work for so many days. So I'm currently nursing a fever at work. At least it's not really high...I think. *sigh*

Have to blog about my trip cos it's been such a once in a lifetime experience. (I hope) I have to say, I'm really impressed and proud of my own country's national airline, Singapore Airlines aka SIA. I don't usually fly by SIA cos the prices are always steeper than many other airlines. But my mum usually insists on flying by SIA. I must say that I'm really thankful that we flew by SIA this time round.

I was supposed to take a early morning flight on saturday and reach Shanghai early afternoon. When we (my mum's colleagues and my family - 12 people in total) reached the airport, we were told that our flight was delayed till noon due to Typhoon Masta which was due to hit Shanghai the strongest on Saturday afternoon. SIA gave each of us a flyer which said that they wanted to avoid the eye of the storm and wanted to take all precautionary measures possible. Okkkk.... that sounded kinda serious. And my sis was asking what's wrong with meeting the eye of the storm. Ain't the eye of the storm the most peaceful and quiet? -_-''' Well, so the airline staff told us that we were given complimentary breakfast while waiting for our flight. So we proceeded to the foodcourt area to have our breakfast and wait at the same time. After that, we decided to clear the customs and do some duty-free shopping. This waiting area provides public telephones with free local calls and computers for free internet access. w(^o^)w (I mean, wow many airports in the world provides free local calls and free internet access?) So that's where I tagged myself that I was stuck in the airport due to a flight delay. Finally, we could board the plane. I was already telling myself that this is the first time my flight got delayed for any reason at all, not to mention the reason being an act of God.

Our flight went ok, except that there was quite a bit of air turbulence. It was really quite bad at times that I was clutching my armrest cos I felt like I was sitting a rollercoaster. My stomach dropped and lurched. My sis and I were so close to throwing up in the air sickness bag. Even when the plane was below the clouds, it was shaking quite badly. After about a 5 hour flight, the plane was getting ready to land. My sis and I looked out of the window and we were at about tree level. I think by the this time, the wheels of the plane would be out already desho? However, the plane was still rocking from side to side. Then suddenly, the plane flew upwards very fast. We all thought that perhaps the pilot was going to try and make another landing. After a while, the pilot made an annoucement that due to very bad weather including strong gusty winds at low level, he could not land in Shanghai. So we were heading towards Nanjing which was about half an hour away by flight and try to land there instead. Ehh??? Nanjing?! Immediately, the plane was abuzz with everyone talking. Luckily, no one made a fuss about the change in flight. I mean, it's no one's fault desho? The pilot did try his best to land but he could not compromise the safety of all the passengers. Luckily, the flight from Shanghai to Nanjing was better with much less air turbulence. However, it was also raining and windy in Nanjing. The pilot managed to make a perfect landing though. Usually the plane would be kinda bumpy when the wheels were touching down right? We all didnt feel a thing and were quite impressed. There were a few passengers around me who even clapped in appreciation. My sis said that the pilot had to make up for the previous unsuccessful landing. x_x''' Yes, I have quite a crappy sis. Anyway, so we had to get off the plane but we were NOT allowed to. The officials at Nanjing Airport said that we had to get proper clearance before the pilot could even open the doors. ~_~ It was kinda of an emergency landing situation. Would we have the proper papers beforehand?! Gyahh.... So we had to wait inside the plane. My sis is a little clastrophobic so she was feeling terrible. I was still feeling the after effects of the air turbulence. So both of us were trying to eat some sweets to make ourselves feel better. The pilot did not know when he could let us off the plane as well. He wanted to get off and talk to the airport officials, but even he was not allowed to leave the plane. X_X In the end, we were cooped up in the plane for about FOUR hours before they let us out. By the time we got off the plane, it was past 10 at night.

Rain and wind greeted us at the airport. Coaches were arranged for us to choose whether we wanted to travel by a 5 hour coach ride to Shanghai or to put up at Nanjing for the night. My parents and her colleagues decided that it was safer to put up at Nanjing for the night because the weather in Shanghai was still pretty unstable and travelling by land lat at night might not be really safe. So the 12 of us took the coach which was headed for a hotel in Nanjing. Up till then, we had no idea what was the plans or where we were going. We were just following the arrangements made by SIA. After about nearly an hour's ride, we reached our hotel. w(^o^)w It was a FIVE-STAR hotel right in the middle of the city! Yappari, it's SIA. We were definitely well taken care of. The hotel staff could not advise us on how long we were going to put up at Nanjing for because the weather was unpredictable. We were told that we could take our dinner (buffet-style) at the restuarant (it was already 11+ at night) and the cooks there immediately whipped up more food for us. In all, 2 SIA flights were affected. So SIA booked many rooms for all the passengers including the air stewardess and pilots. We were all really tired so we took a quick dinner, washed up and hit the sack. Well, if we had to miss our shopping trip in Shanghai, we would shop in Nanjing instead! *LOL*

At about 6.30am, we all recieved a morning call. However, the morning call was just music playing in the background so no one thought anything of it. I was awoken by the morning call and somehow, just looked at my room door. I saw 2 pieces of paper that wrote that SIA had arranged for coaches for us to travel by land to Shanghai at 8.30am. So that was what the morning call was for. I quickly got up and went to my parents room and told them about it. My mum then woke up all her colleagues. We got ready, ate our breakfast and took the 5 hr coach ride to Shanghai. *sigh* Some of my mum's colleagues joked that even if we were going to Alaska, we would have reached there by then. We took 1.5 days to reach Shanghai! Gyahh...

Finally, we reached Shanghai in the late afternoon on Sunday. For the next two days, it still rained in short sudden strong spurts and was kinda windy. However, from Tuesday onwards, the hot spell came back. It was really extremely hot, about 33 to 35 degrees. What extreme weather. And what luck we had to experience the effects of the typhoon. For the record, we read the papers and it said that typhoon killed 6 people in Shanghai and injured 30. I guess we must be thankful that we were not in Shanghai when the typhoon arrived and that SIA took such good care of us. Oh yea, and because our trip in Shanghai was shortened. We extended our trip by 1 day at NO extra charges for the hotel and change of flights. V(^_^)V Did I say that I love SIA already? *lol*

PS: The shopping and food was cheap!!!!

PSS: Takkicon dates?


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Friday, August 05, 2005

5:28 pm

Takki on SC + Film Festa

Takki is going to appear on SC!!! SC is coming back! Yata! I was getting worried about SC because of the Uchi incident. SC is nice to watch because the segments like Mr. X are really quite funny. ^_^ Takki will appear in a VTR on SC 21st August! I'm really excited because at least I can say that I saw Takki on one of the channels on my TV set!! Except that its a cable channel. *LOL* Yeah, I know I'm baka. Even little things like that can get me moe. *^_^* Sumimasen ne~~

Credits: Nere

I just received a very nice surprise in my email. Festa Bee ^_^V sent me a short report on what was shown for Film Festa 2005. The topic for this year's Film Festa is "Things Not To Do in a Theatre".

Nino (Arashi) showed that one should not do a video recording in the theatre. Then, he held up a camcorder and said, "Don't do it like this."

Aiba (Arashi) showed that one should not do a voice recording. He held a voice recorder and said "Don't do it like this".

Koyama (NEWS) said, "Don't cook barbecue in the theater." *ROFLMAO*

Tsubasa said, "Don't use the kettai in the theatre." Instead of holding a normal kettai, he held a handmade phone made of 2 paper cylinders and a string attached in between the 2 cylinders. Bee, thank you so much for even drawing a picture and sending it to me!!!! ^_- chuuu~~~ I think almost everyone has made this telephone before when they were young. You put your mouth and talk into the cylinder and your voice will be passed along the string to the cylinder on the other end and your partner holding the cylinder to his/her ear can actually hear what you just said.

Anyway, so Takki and Tsubasa used this phone to talk. Awww.... I can just visualise it already! They will look like two small boys sitting there playing with this paper cylinder phone!!! Kawaii!~~~ Why can't we get to watch Film Festa?!!!!! *cries*

Then Tsubasa said that Takki was kawaii. Aww..... *LOL* Then Takki called Tsubasa loudly, such that everyone could hear him although the others did not have the paper cylinder telephone. *thud thud*

Takki wore the pink Film Festa t-shirt and Tsubasa wore the t-shirt which had the words, "I love donut". These are the same pictures which I posted the links for previously, from Yahoo! Auctions.

Then, the story of this year's Film Festa was shown. The bee mascot "caught" NEWS and asked for a name. *LOL* The bee said that it was also the mascot last year but it did not have a proper name. So, it asked NEWS to give it a name. The members of NEWS voted for the bee's name. (Sidenote: Anyone knows if Uchi appeared for Film Festa?) So the result was that the bee was named as "Festa Bee". *LMAO*

The part of T&T was that T&T talked to each other. Tsubasa told Takki that he went to the beach with Aiba and someone else. (Tsubasa, we heard this story already!! He does have a tendency to repeat things doesn't he? *lol* And who is the 3rd person who went along??? Very curious yo.... hmmm....) The 3 boys bought fireworks to play at the beach. They met three girls at the beach. The girls asked if they could have some fireworks but Tsubasa declined. *LOL* Tsubasa said that he didn't give them because he had a hard time trying to buy the fireworks in the first place.

Takki told "Festa Bee" that for last year's Film Festa, he and Aiba went wake-boarding at the beach. However, he doesn't have the time to do that this year. Takki said that when he thinks of summer, he will think of water sports. But he doesn't have time to go and play. (Awww...... Takki really needs a break!!!)

Then, Takki asked Tsubasa what he does when he's at home. Tsubasa told Takki that he likes to cook. (Yappari... Tsubasa and food. ^^;;;) Tsubasa said that sometimes, he will eat alone. He told Takki that he went surf boarding with Yamaguji (Tokio) last year.

Both T&T talked about their upcoming solo concerts. Tsubasa said that he wants to make the stage and the style of Tsubacon different from their unit concerts. Takki said that his solo concert will start at the END OF NOVEMBER!!! And then both T&T said that next year, they will come together for their unit con again in SPRING.

Credits: Festa Bee (555....)


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9:43 am

Shanghai Honey

I will be away from tomorrow morning (Saturday) till Wednesday night in Shanghai for a family trip. Yea, I will be away for the Zubari 3 Hr SP. *sulks in corner* But well, it's not like I get to watch it in real time anyway. It sucks that I will be away from my beloved PC and Internet though. That's what kills me. See how dependent I have become on technology? I swear, I was never this hooked. Until my love for Takki and T&T came along. The rest they say, is history. *^_^* PLUS, I'm missing an episode of Yoshitsune. *Yoshitsune-sama!~~~* Jitsuha, I didn't want to go on this trip. My mum sort of forced me to go. x_x Cos it's been quite some time that our family didn't go on a trip together. The past few years, I've been travelling with my friends instead. ^^;;; So my mum was hollering at me to go along on this trip. I was lamenting that I didn't have money to go and she said that she was paying for it. Well, that helps I guess. ^^;;; But I still feel guilty. It's still $ you know. Even though she's paying for me, why spend $ to go somewhere I don't really wana go? Ma, please contribute the $ generously to my japan + concert fund?? Onegaishimasu?~~~ Yea, I wish. If I really told her that, she will really holler at me till no end. X_X

So, please take care of yourselves in the meantime fellow fans! *LOL* Stay good, and perhaps eat some ramen? *ROFLMAO* Sorry I won't be able to upload Epi 31 of Yoshitsune! I hope I will be able to get some access to the Internet at the hotel. I need to know what's going on in the fanworld! I'm sure there will be Internet ccess... hmm.. I just hope it won't be at exorbitant prices. *cross fingers*

PS: I don't think Takki will be going to China again right? Not that I will be able to see him, but the thought of at least being on the same land, in the same country as him gets me all moe~~~ *LOL* Okok, I know I'm hopeless!!! *whacks meself*

PSS: Takkicon dates?


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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

11:21 pm

Takki The Wrestler

+ Sponichi + NikkanSports + DailySports + SportsHochi + SportsNavi +

I'm sure everyone knows how much Takki is infatuated with wrestling right? Maybe his infatuation with wrestling is something like us fans loving him so much? Ok, that was my OWN opinion. *LOL* Anyway, in today's entertainment news (050803), it was announced that Oonitaatsshi, a professional wrestling and combative sports critic will start a new wrestling event. He wants to revive the popularity of professional wrestling in Japan. And guess what?

The participation of Takki was hinted!!!!!

I'm not sure if Takki is confirmed to be participating or not. But I think the article said that Takki might participate. The activites are scheduled to be held once a month. However, negotiations are still underway with TV stations.

OMG. Is this going to be a repeat of the time when Takki "fought" against his super idol in the ring and got "whacked" really terribly? It was during the debut period. I only watched a clip of it and not the whole wrestling match. But I was squirming in my seat as I watched the short clip because his "opponent" was so huge!! And the "opponent" was making such loud grunts/sounds whereas Takki was this small + skinny teenager wearing a blue sports tracksuit. I remember Takki was running around in the ring. Everytime Takki got "hit", my heart dropped a few inches more. ^^;;; Takki really going to participate in the activities? Is he going to appear every month? Or is he only going to make a guest appearance? I have no doubt that many Takki fans are rushing to research on professional wrestling and want to buy tickets to watch the matches already. Oh, what would we give to watch Takki wrestle huh? *LOL* Esp if T&T were wrestling each other? They should have a special where T&T wrestle each other!!!!! Excellent idea desho??? *thud thud*

PS: Takkicon dates?


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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

12:07 am

Takiren 175 & 176

Takki updated Takiren No. 175 on August 1st and Takiren No. 176 on August 2nd! Takiren No. 175 is only ONE word?! *ROFLMAO* Thank you very much Takki. ^^;;;But Takki said in Takiren No. 176 that he didn't mean anything with that update. ~_~''' *whacks Takki* He said that he's in the middle of Yoshitsune shooting and he wants to eat ramen! Yes, please do eat! You're getting skinner again! *cries* And then, Takki says he wants to go and sleep. Awww... he must be extremely exhausted from all the Yoshitsune + Hakkenden shooting + concert preparations. *sigh*

Takki, ki wo tsukete gozaimasu!~~~~


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loracyn, a totally computer dependent, severely underpaid, extremely bored, sleep deprived OL who lives in that teeny weeny red dot, but dreams of living in "home" and being a full-time web-mistress. She loves Japanese food, but loves and supports ¥¿¥Ä¥­¡¼&Íã even more, such that "priorities" and "logic" are non-existent in her dictionary. She is extremely proud to be a ¥¿¥Ä¥­¡¼&Íã fan and part of YOU-tachi.

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02/03 - 27/05 + Takitsuba Spring Tour '07
03/07 - 28/07 + Takizawa Enbujou 2007

02/08 + Utaban
04/08 + Ginchan ga Hashiru
05/08 + Oshareizm
10/08 + MS
11/08 + Meringue no Kimochi (Tsuba)
12/08 + 行列のできる法律相談所 (Tsuba)
13/08 + Sekai Marumie (Tsuba)
13/08 + Hey!x3
18/08 + T&T @ 24Hr TV
22/09 + Asia Song Festival @ Korea

02/28 + Takitsuba Calendar
03/07 + Takitsuba Clips DVD
04/18 + [X-ダメー/Crazy Rainbow]
07/18 + Takizawa Enbujou DVD (2006)
08/08 + [Samurai]

+ Takizawa Enbujou 2007
+ [ONE!] History of Tackey (2006)
+ Takizawa Enbujou (2006)
+ Dream Boy (2004)

+ Romeo & Juliet (2007)
+ Satomi Hakkenden (2006)
+ Yoshitsune (2005)
+ Chichi no Umi, Boku no Sora (2004)
+ Boku dake no Madonna (2003)
+ Antique (2001)
+ ¿´¤ÎÈâ (2001)
+ Speedstar (2001)
+ Strawberry on The Shortcake (2001)
+ ÂÀÍۤε¨Àá (2000)
+ Taiyo wa Shizumanai (2000)
+ Shin Oretachi no Tabi (1999)
+ Majo no Jouken (1999)
+ News no Onna (1998)
+ Dareka ga Dareka ni Koishiteru (1996)
+ Chef (1995)
+ Mokuyou no Kaidan (1995)