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Monday, January 31, 2005

1:30 am

Yoshitsune Epi 4 - Starter & Main

Ok, I didnt hear any news about this particular show. I wonder if anyone knew that it had aired. On wed (260105), Syl msged me and kyahhhhhh-ed. Apparently, NHK World was showing a program on Yoshitsune then!!! I was at home watching some other channel on tv and immediately switched to NHK. I panicked as I didnt know that there was a program abt Yoshitsune that night! i wasnt prepared for anything! I mean, there is always a VHS tape in my VCR. But my VCR wasn't switched on and I didnt wana risk missing anything in the show. So I made a spilt second risky decision and stared at the tv screen hoping for the best. If Takki appeared, I was gona STAB & KICK & WHACK myself for being baka and made the wrong decision.

The author of the novel appeared and gave a speech about the taiga.In her opening lines, she MENTIONED sthg abt TAKKI!!! I cant really remember her exact words now. But she said Takki is KAKOII acting as Yoshitsune!!!! I think she was comparing between the ojisan-looking Yoshitsune vs Takki as Yoshitsune. They featured the ojisan-looking Yoshitsune in the background. (In case anyone has not seen the actual picture of Yoshitsune, just run a search for him. Every photo available of him online is exactly the same, same pose and all. It's as though there is only one picture of him in existence. LOL~) And the people in the audience laughed. Of cos u absolutely CANNOT CANNOT compare that ojisan-looking (I am trying not to use the word "ugly" here. *looks sheepishly*) Yoshitsune with Takki!!!! How can ANYONE be compared to Takki??? He's THE ONE (March deshou?? ROFL~~ *thud thud thud*) He's CGI-animated, half-human, half-alien, totally out of this world, ONE of a kind!!! And, I was screaming at the tv at that moment. LOL~ Ok, they did show a small pic of Takki at the bottom of the screen. But I was screaming more at the fact that they DIDNT show Takki's pic. NANDE??? bleah... Takki's pic is DEFINITELY the ONLY choice!!!!

This was wat the program was abt:

Tohoku Dynamics: "Yoshitsune" Forum at Iizaka (JST 23:15-23:58, SGT 22:15-22:58)

Iizaka area in Fukushima, Fukushima Prefecture, is famous for its associations with Tsugunobu Sato and Tadanobu Sato, two brothers who served Minamotono Yoshitsune. Yoshitsune, popular historical figure in Japan who is known to have been an excellent battle commander in the very end of the Heian period will be featured in this year�� Historical Drama Yoshitsune. The program will focus on Yoshitsune Forum held at Iizaka which was participated by actors who appear in the drama and the author of the novel on which the drama is based and will introduce sites in Iizaka related to Yoshitsune.

(Credits of above synopsis to NHK World Premium Website)

I only found this synopsis after I watched the program. But I doubt it would have helped in lessening my panicking. Because it said

The program will focus on Yoshitsune Forum held at Iizaka which was participated by actors who appear in the drama

They didnt mention exactly WHO was gona participate in the forum. LOL~ Anyway, the 2 actors who act as Tsugunobu Sato and Tadanobu Sato were present at the forum. They were talking/discussing about the taiga and this time, the background showed HUGE, n I really mean HUMONGOUS posters of TAKKI!!!! The main poster was of Takki and Shizuka standing together. There was another 2 posters if I remember correctly. But the pic of Takki literally JUMPED out of the screen at me and I grabbed my pillow and screamed into it. (Had to muffle my screams or my mum wld start ranting at me again LOL~) But, oh yea, that was abt it for that program. Unfortunately, I didnt manage to record it. But I know Syl did xDDD so I definitely am getting the tape from her to watch the program more closely. LOL~

Ok, so that was my starter/appetizer for Yoshitsune Episode 4 which just aired a few hrs ago. So, the main course today (Should I gobble cos the "dish" was unbelievably oishii or nibble slowly to savour the taste completely??? LMAO~) was like officially Takki's FIRST FULL Yoshitsune episode!! My nose was practically just an inch away from my computer screen. I was just gaping and staring and concentrating on Takki and Takki alone.

Yoshitsune Episode 4 - Shanaou of Kurama
JST 20:10-20:55, SGT 19:10-19:55, February 5 JST 13:10-13:55, SGT 12:10-12:55 (R); February 6 JST 01:10-01:55, SGT 00:10-00:55 (R)

Takki (Shanaou) appeared from the 'taki' as left off from last week. Shanaou, now knows that Kiyomori is his enemy who killed his real father. He spends time in agony sympathizing with his mother, Tokiwa who once had to become a mistress of Kiyomori. Takki really had this perpetual perplexed taihen expression on his face. One day, Shanaou hears in Kyoto that Kiyomori is ill and he has become a Buddhist priest. Kiyomori was sick lying in bed and the Emperor also came to visit him with various herbs I believe? Sorry but it's really difficult to understand the olden language. I already have problems understanding the normal everyday language. Gomenasai~ Anyway, Shanaou still being unable to hate Kiyomori, tries to find his uncle Shingu Juuro Yukiie in Kyoto to hear more about the Genji clan. On the way, he helps a young woman who is bothered by vicious priests. The woman turns out to be Utsubo, Shanaou�� childhood friend. After returning to Kurama, Shanaou learns military tactics from Kiichi Hogen. Ok, today's episode featured ALOT ALOT of Takki practising his skills in the forest at night. All his moves were so KAKOII!!! Saw his bishi bishi arms and HADAKA Takki with his heavenly droplets of sweat. xDDD I duno how to describe his fighting skills properly. But it was like watching a Chinese sword-fighting show where Takki is the main lead swordsman who defeats EVERYONE with just a couple of swift moves and still looks extremely cool and composed and kakoii. Seriously, wat more can a fangal ask for? Takki was featured in so many different ways in just ONE episode!! He had so many different expressions too! gyahhh....I think mayb if I screencap, I will have a zillion cos I will need to screencap every millisecond that Takki appeared in. When Takki had that taihen look on his face, I cld almost feel his heartache and pain! LOL~ (Pls dont call me crazy yo xDD) When Takki smiled, I was basking in eternal blissness. When Takki was practising his skills in the forest, I was staring at his kakoii-ness with my eyes and mouth wide open! Urgh..... okok, back to the synopsis. Today's episode also featured Benkei's first full appearance. Benkei, a monk warrior from Kyoto, hunts swords from the Heike people to pay old scores against them. He was driven out from the temple that he was in because he was different. Cos Benkei is much bigger sized than the other monks. (I think?) bleah. Gomenasai for my limited language knowledge again. Btw, when I saw Benkei, I was half-picturing him singing and dancing to the samba song. ROFL LMAO~~ *thud thud* Gomen gomen. Sidetrack again. But Benkei definitely looks different and much betta (imho) in taiga costume as opposed to when performing the samba song. Anyway, Shanaou was tested on his fighting skills in the forest by Kiichi Hogen springing a surprise attack on him. Shanaou won and Hogen said that Shanaou has passed his training. He gave him a dagger which I think is considered to be very previous? So, Shanaou returns to Kyoto after finishing his training. He went to his childhood playmates' house and comes to know the real reason why Kiyomori saved the lives of Tokiwa and her three sons. Ok, I was totally lost at this part. Firstly, apart frm feeling heartbroken staring at Shanaou's expression, I cldnt understand wat the woman was saying. But after wat she said, Shanaou looked very troubled, upset and angry. He stormed out of the house. But the woman went after him and asked his childhood friend to pass him the ever-famous kirei translucent veil!! Ahhhh!!! When I saw that, I just KNEW that the bridge scene was going to be shown soon!!! Tanoshimi~~~ That night, a troubled-looking Shanaou was blowing the flute which Tokiwa gave him and walking one-way on Gojo-oohashi Bridge, when Benkei was walking in the opposite direction.... Takki blowing a flute with a veil!!!!! I was speechless at the kirei-ness of that shot :0 HOLY SHEETTT!!!! no words cld describe it!!! Is it humanly possible to look soooooooo GOOD?????? LOL~~ And the episode ENDED!! Gyahhh..... how cld they end with the beginning of the most beautiful scene?!! But i guess this most important Gojo-oohashi Bridge scene is too important. Dakara, they need to end the episode with such a cliffhangar to be continued next week LOL~ Cant wait to see this all-important scene where Shanaou and Benkei fights each other. Shanaou, thou much smaller-sized than Benkei, defeats him with the dagger that Hogen gave him. xDDDD

Tanoshimi~~~ oops, did I go on and on with the supposed gist of tonight's episode? LMAO~ gomen gomen. Cant help myself from going on. Well, sunday 7pm, hayaku!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~


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Friday, January 28, 2005

9:30 am

Yoshitsune vs Takki ^ - ^

Ok, couldnt resist and just had to post this super duper extremely KIREI and KAWAII pic of Takki (since WHEN is he NOT kirei anyway?? hmm....NEVER deshou?? *nods nods nods head* I am sure we all agree on that fact. ROFL LMAO~~)

(Thank u Bee-chan for sending me the photo *bows* If I am not wrong, this pic is originally from TV mag?)

LOOKIE!! How extremely kawaii Takki is!!!! How can anyone on earth be as kawaii as him???? It's like past vs present, yin vs yang, black vs white. Except of cos it's still him. Just that he's protrayed in 2 different types of costume/wear. Doesnt it look like the 2 Takki-s are having such an interesting conversation with each other?? LOL~ TWO Takki-s looking at each other SMILING so innocently and looking so kawaii. So cute!! *pinch pinch pinch* THAT smile of his just fills my heart up with so much warmness and happiness that if he smiles like that to me, I will willingly do anything....anything for him!! oh my oh my... His smile just totally makes my day worthwhile!! I feel so genki after looking at his smile that it doesnt matter how little sleep I get. LOL~~ I will definitely gamfammi at work!!! I see his smile and my heart just totally melts my heart and my entire body into mushy, gooey liquid and still bask in eternal bliss!! LOL~~ Looking at his smile and cute expression just makes all my work stress and worries go away *poof* I just have to look at his smile and I will smile too LOL~~ And best of all, this stress-cum-worry therapy is absolutely FREE!! Who ever needs to seek/pay for psychiatric help???? Definitely not me. Takki's smile and expression is enough for me yo. LMAO~~


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Thursday, January 27, 2005

9:30 am

Takki New Hair!!!!! \ ^ - ^ /

Ok, need to BREATHE (breathe in and out, in and out, in and out) first.....get a grip on myself. *nosebleeds a river* Just saw...................................

Takki's NEW hairstyle!!!

Bee sent me 2 links which &@$^#%7*&^#%^@*@#$% *flatline* just killed me at work. Oh yea, I am at work now. But I cannot, couldnt, just can't resist blogging or else I will just have to run to the toilet to start screaming and kyahhing away. ROFL~~ (yep see, I cant even roll on the floor to laugh in office. x___X Well, at least if i was at home, I could have been grinning away like a cheshire cat from ear to ear and no one would bat an eyelid. Erm....maybe because I am like that practically every night???? LMAO~~ and here in office, I have to control myself and cant kayh properly and cant grin away or my colleagues/bosses gona b reeaaalllly suspicious LOL~) Now, we can all breathe easy and relax after worrying insanely after Takki said that he was going for a haircut. Imho, he just trimmed abit everywhere. The whole style is basically the same. I still love his hair. he didnt change the colour. So that's GREAT! Cos I love his hair colour AND his hairstyle of cos. xDDD

To see Takki's new hairstyle & news article:

Takki's new hair @ 45 degrees side profile

This article bascially says that Takki visited the quake-stricken area in Niigata and passed the monetary donation and cards to buy books for the children. He also shook hands with each boy and girl. How darn lucky they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gyahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Takki's new hair front view

Ok, cldnt resist myself and just HAD to show his new hairstyle here. LOL~~

(Credits of both links and what the article says to Bee (arigatou gozaimasu *bows bows bows*) because I cannot read Japanese or Chinese characters on my office computer. And I have no access to install language packs too *sob sob*)

Dou??? :wink: :wink: Does anyone need anymore doses of tranquillizer pills?? LMAO~~ I think I need boxes and boxes of tissue to clean my nose from all the nosebleeding. LOL~~ LOOK AT HIS SMILE and he's wearing a pink tee-shirt!!!! Kyaahhhhh!!!


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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

12:35 am

Tsubasa Con DVD

A quick note that warrants a separate entry by itself.


WHAT ABT OVERSEAS FANS???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*stab stab stab stab Jimusho*

And I thot that I had enough ranting today already.


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12:25 am

TAIHEN ne~~~

What a tiringgggg day for me today~~~~ First, I had a meeting cum discussion with my big boss (aka the MD of my company) at NINE am in the morn! Fortunately, I was not the only one present in the meeting. My other colleague was present too. Ok, it's not like we got reprimanded or anything. Just that, u know, a meeting with the MD of your company can be quite stressful. What if he asked u sthg n u DIDNT noe the ans? It doesnt reflect well on u when u cant ans your superior deshou? Well, luckily he didnt ask me any qns which I didnt noe how to ans *phew* But yea, my MD was kinda pushing for submission datelines for certain things. So, it was definitely TAIHEN So, my colleague and I were giving looks to each other occasionally like "Oh no, great.... bleah..." U noe, bosses just want things DONE. They DO NOT care how it is going to get done as long as the results are produced. So, bosses ALWAYS set such disgusting datelines and INSISTS that we meet the dateline. It's either do or die. grrr... So, yea. I ended up working late till 9.30pm. Ok, that's not my latest knock-off time so far. But's still late. And I didnt eat dinner till I came home at abt 10pm. Fortunately for me, I called my dad who was free enough to pick me up from work and came home for a late dinner. But by that time, I was too tired to feel much hunger and just ate abit.

I am betting that tml's gona b another taihen day. (How I envy you Yvie!!! A full-time fangurl is an excellent choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

urgh...watever... -____- *grabs a few tranquilizer pills from nere and gulps them down* I desperately need that nere!!! With work being crappy and the news from nere that

TAKKI CUT HIS HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nooooo........ PLS PLS PLS DO NOT do anything drastic to your hair Takki!!!!! It's so sara sara now that all of us are totally in love with it and you wana cut it?!! Pls.....the most....just a trim? I love his hair now that it's long and sara!! I think I have enough stress and worries for a day *sob sob*

PS: OMG nere!!!! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your Yoshitsune site!!!!!!!!! It's really great!! U must have spent such a looongggg time setting up the site! After setting this blog, I have learnt how to appreciate the internet technology of building websites etc. I know I will take ages to achieve what nere has done! wow wow wow!!!! *clap clap clap* Honto ni subarashi!!!!


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Monday, January 24, 2005

3:20 am

Yoshitsune Episode 3

Ok, a quick update on today's airing of Yoshitsune Episode 3. I am not gona do a synopsis cos I think there are enuff synopsis out there already. Besides, both nere and snuffles have excellent synopsis every week. So, i shall save the trouble and just write wat I think. heeh....

So, today's episode bascially showed Ushikawa finding out the truth abt his family backgrd and him coming to terms with it. Gawd....he really had a difficult time trying to understand and acceopt the truth. Quite saddening actually. Also, Ushikawa was sent to the monastery and got separated from his mother. This was REALLY REALLY heartbreaking!!! I was tearing already! Can you imagine when the last episode of Yoshitsune airs??!!! When Yoshitsune dies???!!! gyyahhhhh....noooo..........they betta NOT show that scene!!! Ok, this part was really saddening cos Tokiwa gave Ushikawa a flute when he was sent to the monastery as a parting gift and a momento to remember her by. That night was the first night which Ushikawa spent away from his mother and to make things more depressing, it was a rainy and stormy night. Ushikawa really missed his mother so.... Ok, the episode went on to show that Ushikawa tried to escape from the monastery quite a few times but alwiz got caught in the end. Today's episode also showed that Ushikawa was given another name Shanao at the monastery. Shanao met Utsubo at a broken hut during one of his attempted escapes. (Bleah.....Sorry to Goto Maki fans, but I hate to think that the little gal is to grow up to be Goto Maki -____-''') The last part of the episode showed 2 men going to the monastery to explain Shanao's family backgrd to him and tells him that he is actually from the Genji clan and that Kiyomori is actually his enemy. Shanao could not accept the fact, runs out of the monastery and runs to a "taki". Shanao jumped in and .......................................................................................

APPEARS AS TAKKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, snuffles...u shld have really really bet real money!!!!!!!!!!!!! it ABSOLUTELY right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shanao jumped into a "taki" and EMERGED from it as HADAKA TAKKI!!!!

First, they showed Takki's backview emerging from the water. I was clamping my hands over my mouth to prevent myself from screaming and my enitre family from whacking me on my head from being too noisy. LOL~~ When Takki turned ard to face the cam, I just *died died died died* !!!! Had to cont using one hand to clamp my mouth PLUS another hand to hold myself down to the chair so that I would not jump up and down!!! Kyahhhh!!!! Takki appeared!!!! ok, thou it was only for like the LAST 3 secs of the show, it was worth the wait!! The episode ended with Takki emerging and walking out from the taki. The cam zoomed into his face with water dripping and..... omg omg omg... Takki's face is just so KIREIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Words alone do not do justice to wat I wana express!!! Gyahh.... ok, I shall aspire to figure out how to post pictures on this blog!!!! Yosh!!!

Next week!!! Definitely Takki himself as Yoshitsune!!!!! The trailer showed Takki!!!! and Benkei appears too!! if I m not wrong, the bridge scene is next week too!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kirei Takki with the scarf over his head and him playing a flute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhh........ mitaiiiiiiiiii~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

PS: Who's up for a major heart attack at next week's Yoshitsune airing?? LMAO~~


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Sunday, January 23, 2005

2:30 am

Hajimemashite!! Yoropiku~~

I havent even started any entries and an anonymous person already tagged me at my tagboard!! ROFL ~~ dare dare dare????

After being inspired by snuffles blog at Xanga, I decided to get my butt moving abt setting up my blog too. Been sitting on the idea for quite a few mths nw... since around July? Actually, I registered myself at blogger already. Just didnt bother to set up the blog properly and design the layout nicely etc. After...ahem...u new found boom into the T&T fanworld. To think abt it, its kinda weird hw extremely slooooow I got into T&T. Cos I haf a HUGE Takki fan as one of my closest frens and I myself have been into the J-world ever since I was 14 or 15? The good old days of Heaven Coins? I rem our classmates were all crazy over that dorama. Someone wld record it and bring it to school the next day and we would all eat and watch EVERY episode in the classroom during school breaks. Ok...I seemed to have just did a MAJOR sidetrack. LMAO~

Anyway, so, I just had to get a blog cos I DESPERATELY needed a place where I could pour out my emotions and feelings and kyah and ramble on & on abt T&T. So, this place was finally born!! I tell ya, I spent nearly a week figuring out html and watever nots and editting my layout to the one it is now. Actually changed my layout THREE times before I was rather satisfied with this one. I am such a dork at technicalities!! Sometimes, I wld just change one word at the html template and HALF of the entire layout wld disappear!! gyahhhh.... that is how i can spend up to ONE week just to do my layout. -____-''' How on earth does nere change her layout EVERY mth?!!! ROFL~


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