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Sunday, May 29, 2005

11:50 pm

21 @ 050529

(Editted on 050531 @ 2AM)

Look at the ratings for Yoshitsune Episode 21 at the right side of my blog!! (You might have to scroll down a little. ^__^ ) Omedetou Yoshitsune-sama!!!!! \^__^/


Yoshitsune often visits Yoshitaka (the small boy) with his retainers, feeling sympathy for Yoshitaka as he grew up without his father around as well. Awww... you can really see Yoshitsune liking the children quite alot!! This means baby sitting. *lol* In the previous episode, we saw Yoshitsune leaping to catch a butterfly for Yoritomo's daughter and leaping onto tree branches and off rooftops. Today, Benkei shows off his strength to the 2 children. He carried and lifted 2 humongous boulders on each end of a pole with both Saburo and Jiro hanging onto each boulder!!! The camera even zoomed into Benkei's feet and his feet sunk a few cm into the ground!!! Imagine the weight he was carrying!!! O____O"" And Yoshitsune introduced Saburo as "Kani" (aka crab) to the children. *lol* So Saburo pretended to act like a crab in front of the children.

One day, one of Yoritomo’s followers became drunk and suggested that they should kill Yoshitaka. Yoritomo, who took the suggestion as an open insult to his son-in-law, decapitated the follower as a warning for the others. Yoshitsune arrived at the scene too late and only saw the beheadment. X_____X"" Hearing the incident, Yoshitsune feels the difference between Yoritomo’s views and his. Yoshitsune happens to meet Yoritomo and Masako along the hallway and feels compelled to voice his opinions out to Yoritomo. But he could not bring himself to say it and stopped short.

Later at night, while drinking together (with Masako around =____="" That ebil ebil woman!! Stop being nosy and influencing Yoritomo's decisions!!!! *bish*) Yoritomo tells Yoshitsune that his ideals for a “new country” are to rule the followers by reason and power, not by empathy or bonds. Yoshitsune mentions Kiyomori's ideals and finds that Yoritomo’s vision seems to be totally different. Yoshitsune returns home that night pondering, asking himself what a “new country” means to him.

Around that time, Yoshinaka beats the army of the Heike family at Kurikara Pass and moves forward to Kyoto. Hearing Yoshinaka’s advance on the capital town, Masako suggests to Yoritomo to allow Yoshitsune to go lead a battle. Yoritomo finally commands Yoshitsune to head for Kyoto leading the van of the Genji’s army. Yoshitsune is so happy that he is finally able to do something for the Genji clan. All his retainers are so happy upon hearing the news from Yoshitsune that they start cheering!!! (nuts.... they are so happy that they are going to war x____x""") Benkei was so happy that he started crying!!!! =____=" Benkei went to tell his ahem.... girlfriend (*lol*) the news but his girlfriend said that she would wait for his return. Yoshitsune and his retainers go and tell the children that they will be away for some time and bid them farewell. Yoritomo's daughter cries.

Yoshitsune wearing the extremely heavy battle gear ( I think it's 30kg?! O____O") drinks a cup of wine as a ceremonial farewell bid to Yoritomo and the Genji clan and sets off for his first ever battle with all his retainers and the Genji army.


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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

11:48 pm

Tadaima~~~ Wisdom Lost

Tadaima~~~ I hate to say that. But, I have to accept the fact that I'm back to reality once again. Urgh.... Anyway, really sorry about not being able to u/l Sunday's Yoshitsune Episode 20 for everyone. I was busy being lovesick in Japan when Yoshitsune was being aired on TV. We couldnt even make it in time for the repeat for Yoshitsune. Gomen ne, Takki. We could have helped to contribute to the ratings. But, I'm really glad that although Yoshitsune aired on a concert day, which not all Takki fans could have managed to rushed home to watch the episode, the ratings still increased!!! Shanou-sama, omedetou gozaimasu!!~~~ (Btw, I always post the ratings for every Yoshitsune episode on the right side of my blog. And I also always update their schedule for TV appearances on the right side as well. ^o^)

Abit more T&T unit stuff coming up

29/5: Yah Yah Yah is going to show footage from 22/5 last GO! Con
24/5: Zubari which just aired tonight showed footage from 21/5's surprise MC segment.
31/5: Zubari will show more 21/5's footage, focusing on the Takki & Teppei and Tsubasa & Kazu-chan segment.

Sidetrack: I went for my wisdom teeth extraction surgery (ALL 4 were extracted out at 1 time) this morning at 7.30AM and I've got EIGHT days of MC!!! Yata!!!~~~ Ok, yes, it hurts and I'm on painkillers and antibiotics. I can't eat solid food for at least the next few days, only drinking lots of fluids and swallowing soft foods. I also can't open my mouth properly. I have a few cuts at the edges of my mouth because the doc had to stretch my mouth really wide open in order to carry out the surgery. My cheeks are like 2 huge balloons now and the doc said that the maximum swelling is on the THIRD day and there will be bruising too?! =___=" But I've got 8 whole days of MC!!! Woohoo!!! I can finally clear my comp's HD, work on my radio blog, this blog etc....lots to do!!!! Opps, everything seems to be T&T related!!! ^-^" I wonder if I'll get more MC after my review appt next week? *^o^*

Ok, Tackey & Tsubasa GO! Con 2005 report coming right up!!! Lotsa of rabu rabu which Snuffles, Syl and I screamed at, from the top of our lungs and we lost our voices over the 2 concert days. \^o^/


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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

2:59 am

Jya~~ Yokohama Arena Iku!!!

Announcing a hiatus of 1 week as Snuffles, Syl and I make our way to the airport in about 1 hr's time. Our flight to Narita is at 6AM!!! Well, minna, ki wo tsukete ne~~~ See everyone in about 1 week's time!!!! Pai pai~~~

Yokohama Arena, here we come!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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Monday, May 16, 2005

12:19 am

19 @ 050515


The news of Gotari’s death makes Yoshitsune upset as those who were close to him seem to pass away one after another. One day, Yoritomo introduces Noriyori, another half-brother, to Yoshitsune. During that gathering, the Genji clan discusses plans. However, both Yoshitsune and Noriyori are unhappy with Yoritomo's decision and way of management. Later, Noriyori comes to visit Yoshitsune and they drink together. Noriyori has a gentle nature. Thus, as Yoshitsune gets to know Noriyori, he feels the warmth of family ties. On the other hand, Yoritomo had never treated Yoshitsune as family.

Meanwhile, back in Kyoto, the ex-emperor Goshirakawa keeps an eye on the members and followers of the Genji family scattered around the country. A secret letter arrives to him. Yoritomo sent a proposal for a reconciliation with the Heike clan. Then, Tokiko goes to visit Goshirakawa. But upon hearing that she has come to visit him, he gives the excuse that he is having a headache. Goshirakawa's wife receives Tokiko instead. She tries to enccourage Tokiko to settle with the Genji family. Being concerned that her lie about Kiyomori’s last words is making the situation worse, Tokiko tells the truth to Munemori. However, Munemori reacts in an unexpected way.

Yukiie comes to Kamakura after he lost in the battle at the Sunomata River. He tries to explain himself but was put down by Yoritomo. He left being hurt and angry, almost with tears in his eyes. Treated disrespectfully by Yoritomo, Yukiie tries to induce Yoshitsune to head the clan together. But, Yoshitsune firmly declines the suggestion. Yukiie had no choice but to leave angry and hurt again. One day, Yoshitsune learns that Tsugunobu Sato and Tadanobu Sato, two of his followers, are suspected of something and goes to talk with Yoritomo. Yoshitsune comes back and clears the 2 Sato borthers of their accusation. Both brothers are very touched for what Yoshitsune did. All the other followers are happy and relieved for them too.


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Thursday, May 12, 2005

1:09 am

Takki Rengou No. 164 & 165

Yea, I know I'm really late for this. Honto ni gomenasai~~~~ I'm not able to show all the icons used in the ketai. I tried my best to! Also, my translations are not 100% accurate!!! Snuffles, help?? Sorry for the missing icons and bad translations!!!!

Takki Rengou No. 164 (8th May 2005)
Nagoya ~~~~ Nagoya ~~~!!
Are you genki!?!?
At last, tomorrow is Nagoya da ne ^‐^
Please get into the spirit yo
There was amazing energy in Osaka so you cannot lose out ( ^_^ )∨
The Takitsuba calls before the performance really decides the tension ne
Takitachi will also be leading everyone tomorrow so everyone follow us yo
Jya tomorrow ne

Takki Rengou No. 165 (9th May 2005)
Otsukarechan =3
Iya the Hide juice which is exhausted is also good today.
It was amazingly good yo
Without saying, as for the last, last promise, please keep the promise ※ ※!!
Although it was only 1 day, it was truly enjoyable yo
Thank you ^‐^ We will play again next time
Well, well, the next is Yokohama da na
Until now, the raging shouting has not been broken yo ~
It is enjoyed with the kind of tension it comes zo
Tomorrow is Yoshitsune-san transformation again da yo change ∋ ∋
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bye Bye

(Editted on 050513 @ 2AM)

I should have clarified this when I posted the translation up. Thanks to Marcy for asking a question and Snuffles answering it and thus reminding me!

Hide = Hideaki Takizawa
juice = perspiration

So, whenever Takki says "Hide juice", he's actually referring to his own perspiration.

Credits to Bee for original text.


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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

6:05 pm

Weekly No. 1

Takitsuba Omedetou!!! Oricon Weekly No. 1!!!

It's their 3rd single after Yume Monogatari and One Day One Dream to achieve this result. Kamen sold 76,000 copies in the 1st week. Yume Monogatari sold 72,609 copies. I think One Day One Dream sold less than Yume Monogatari?

Credits to 2nd Face.

Hey3 2hr SP: read reports that they played arm wrestling! Any takers for guessing who won?? Takki won in a matter of seconds??? I'm not sure, because I have not watched the clip. But it must have been really fast!! Downtown were actually teasing Tsubasa before the arm wrestling started because Tsubasa missed the archery target twice the previous time T&T were on the show. Oh dear, poor Tsubasa. But I think as long as the games/challenges are sports related, Takki will win the majority of them ne~ Except if they have a cooking competition, I'm sure Tsubasa will win!!!

Other notes:
Matthew from MBH is married!!! There's even a 5min clip at this link to watch their press conference. The newly-wedded couple look really happy + loving + cute! Omedetou Fujii-san!!!
+ +


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Monday, May 09, 2005

2:08 pm

Nagoya GO! Con + Oricon Ranking

During the first concert at Nagoya GO! Con yesterday, BOTH their zippers came down!!! Tsubasa's came down during Pride and Takki's came down during Circle. Is this becoming their usual practice??? Not that I mind it actually.

(Editted 050510 @ 3AM)

Takki confessed his love for Tsubasa @ Nagoya Con!!!

Takki updated his Rengou and Tsubasa also updated his 283 on Saturday. This happened previously for Osaka GO! Con too. So I think this trend is going to continue for the concerts at Yokohama Arena. Takki updated his Rengou No. 165 on 050509! Working on translation, hopefully, it'll be up tomorrow!!

Omedetou!!!! Kamen has been No. 1 on the Oricon Daily Single Chart for 4 days now!!!


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8:45 am

18 @ 050508


In Kyoto, Kiyomori spends his days in despair as his dream of founding a capital in Fukuhara failed. One day, while drinking and chatting, he suddenly drops his "saucer" of wine as he experiences great pain. Kiyomori is sick and comes down with a high fever. There is always this person beside him using a paper fan to try to cool him down. From his sickbed, Kiyomori sends a messenger to the ex-emperor Goshirakawa and asks him to recognize Munemori (Kiyomori's 2nd son) as the next head of the Heike family. However, Goshirakawa keeps silent as he has already decided to part with Kiyomori. Tokiko feels suspicious about Goshirakawa’s reaction and tells Munemori to visit him for a talk. During the visit, Goshirakawa pretends to be very empathetic towards Munemori and Kiyomori. However, Munemori goes back empty-handed. As Kiyomori's fever worsens, the Heike people resort to placing small ice blocks beside Kiyomori's bed and fan the cool air towards him. In a desperate measure, Gotari hurries to Fukuhara where Kiyomori left his favourite rosary beads and brings them back, hoping that Kiyomori will feel better or even get well soon. However, despite desperate praying and devoted care from his family and followers, Kiyomori dies. He was struggling near the end as he tried to leave his last words to Tokiko and still feels upset that his dream of building the capital in Fukuhara failed. [I think Kiyomori can act really well too. His struggle on his sickbed is really so heart-wrenching!!!! I can feel his pain as his face twisted in pain. I actually cried when he was struggling and passed away!!!! Oh geez, Yoshitsune didn't even need to cry for me to open my floodgates!!] A few days later, Tokiko lies to the members of the family about Kiyomori’s last words, feeling uneasy about Munemori’s capability as the head of the family. She is determined not to allow the Heike clan to fall. [I think she is the head of the family now?]

Although Yoshitsune came to Kamakura with a strong wish to help Yoritomo, he feels that he is not welcomed there. He feels dejected as Yoritomo does not treat Yoshitsune as his brother and merely as one of his followers/servants. Soon after, Yoritomo and Masako informs Yoshitsune about Kiyomori’s death. Initially, Yoshitsune contains his emotions. However, after he reaches home, he prays for Kiyomori's passing and cannot contain his emotions. For the first time, Yoshitsune cries. [And I mean really crying, not just tears in his eyes!!!! Poro poro no namida!!!! One moment, Yoshitsune had tears welled up in his eyes. The next, his tears just flowed down his face so freely!!! Takki really deserves the Best Actor Award he won for Yoshitsune!!! And I swear, I'm not being biased!!!] Yoshitsune's followers are worried about him and wanted to go comfort him. However, Benkei stopped them and told them to leave him alone.


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Saturday, May 07, 2005

1:14 am

Utaban + MS + Waratte Iitomo + Music Fighter

(Editted on 050509 @ 11AM)

I think the Utaban performance of Kamen is the best so far out of the 2 MS performances and tonight's Utaban. Although they didn't perform the whole song on Utaban, but I think the visuals are the best in Utaban so far. There was this dragon prop hanging above them, though I'm not sure what the connection is between Kamen and a dragon? The background was dark blue with stars and this castle-wall surroundings and fake fire flames on the castle walls. I think the spot lights from above and the blue-white chequered floor improved the visual effects. There is more of a mysterious feel in Utaban which made the performance more ero/hot? Actually, you know what, I think the camera-man is the most important factor!!! He/she must know when is it best to zoom in or out to capture the best visuals for the tv audience!!!!! So, the camera-man for Utaban is better than camera-man for MS kana? Oh! And there was this part when the camera-man suddenly swung the focus and zoomed into Tsubasa's legs when he was dancing.

Utaban showed VTR msgs about other people's views of them from Matsuken, KATTUN and NEWS. Matsuken said that he did not know Takki well at first, but after going out together for karaoke sessions and an onsen trip, he praised Takki. Both KATTUN and NEWS had more to comment about Takki. Both groups said that Takki would treat them to eat and KATTUN had worked with Takki for DB last year too. However, neither groups have much impression of Tsubasa. NEWS even asked Tsubasa to please bring them out and treat them to eat!! So after the VTR msgs, Nakai tried to teach Tsubasa how to get closer to the juniors. Anyway, after this, Nakai asked T&T which physical feature of a female would they notice first. Takki said that it's the shoulders for him. Yes, again. Well, at least we know his taste has not changed. He even said that he DOESN'T have much interest in a female's boobs!! Ok, we're all safe from boob jobs!

Both of them were asked to guess which type of girl the other person likes. But they were made to do this separately and without knowing each other's answer. When Takki was guessing Tsubasa's answer, Tsubasa had to go sit at one side to put headphones on and likewise vice versa. 5 females came out and stood in a row. Tsubasa was asked to guess first. Tsubasa guessed that Takki will choose Female No. 3 but added that perhaps Takki will like No. 2 as well. But Tsubasa decided on No. 3 in the end. And Takki really chose No. 3!!!!! Next, Takki had to guess Tsubasa's choice and he said that Tsubasa tends to like women with a sisterly feeling. So Takki guessed either No. 3 or No. 1. But Tsubasa chose No. 2????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, it's not that I have anything against females that are of No. 2 type, but.....Tsubasa???!!!!! Was he trying to be funny or was he really truthful about his choice??????? Everyone was totally shocked by his choice!!!!! Baka baka Tsubasa!!

I think tonight's MS was better than last week's. At least they didn't look so tired and Tamori-san got to talk to them more! Gackt was introduced as No. 7 ranked on Oricon, then Ayu was No. 2 and Takitsuba were introduced that their single got No. 1 on Oricon charts!!!! Then, Tamori-san talked to them about the suit for Kamen and somehow the topic zoomed into their CROTCH AREA?! And then Takki and Tamori-san kept using their hands to draw a triangular shape to emphasise their own crotch areas!!!! And Tamori-san then used his hands to squeeze his own face from both sides as an anology????? I think they were talking about wedgies here????? [Apparently, the shirts worn for Kamen has underwear connected to the shirts so that their shirts would not get untucked of their pants when they are doing all the vigourous dance moves. So its like a shirt + underwear combined. OMG. That's like a perpetual wedgie throughout Kamen!!!! Can you imagine their uncomfortable-ness when dancing Kamen??? Ok, though the thought of a major wedgie is gross, but knowing this fact only makes me love them even more, because of all the hard work they have to go through to bring out the best for Kamen... for US!! ] About the performance, the set's theme colour this time is gold with golden poles and silver chains. I don't know, but the quality of the visuals for MS seem to be declining, as compared to last year ie. Serenade? Or is it just me having higher expectations for Kamen? But at least they did the whole song because I think the dance movements during the interlude should not be cut out. The interlude is the part which includes Takistuba taking turns to do that Get Down move and the "face each other with 1 hand on face and body wave" ROLL, which imho, are excellent visuals!!! And Utaban's performance didn't include them!

The highlight for Waratte Iitomo was that Tsubasa revealed that he did NOT wear anything underneath that towel when he came out with a towel wrapped around his waist for Osaka Go! Con's curtain call!!!! *triple whacks Tsubasa* How can Tsubasa have the confidence NOT to wear anything underneath???? What if the towel slips off or flaps open??? I mean, I wouldn't mind if I was in the audience. But it'll be extremely embarrassing for Tsubasa yo! What on earth was he thinking?? And like what Yvie said, what if some over-excited fan managed to get near enough to Tsubasa and YANKED at the towel????!!! *ROFLMAO*

Ok, after watching Music Fighter, I think it's the best so far. I've changed my mind about Utaban. Although the performance was also the shorter version like Utaban's, I think the camera-work was the best. This is really important as it can actually bring out the essence of a performance. Also, I think T&T looked the most energetic + genki in this performance. Of course none of the performances can compare to the PV though. For MF, though the set was simple and without props, different coloured lights were used. I thought the blue and green ones were ok, but not the red ones. MF also showed a VTR segment of T&T called Akarui News. It was really short but both of them looked really genki in the VTR!! Yokatta ne~~~~ When Takki was introducing them, Tsubasa gave him weird looks as if, "Ehh? How come you're suddenly so genki???" The talk was basically about Takki's birthday and Takki playfully slapped Tsubasa on his shoulder!!! *read: sign of affection* And then, Takki placed his hand on Tsubasa's shoulder while he was talking till near the end of the VTR. *read: Tsubasa's mine!*

Hey! Hey! Hey! 2 hour Special tonight has T&T!!! O-tanoshimi~~~~~


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Friday, May 06, 2005

11:20 am

CDs Arrived

My CDs ARRIVED!!!!!!

My Kamen/Mirai Koukai singles arrived yesterday evening!!!!!!!!!! After I got home, a brown box was sitting on my desk. I opened my door and HORA!!!! Bikurishita!!! I didn't expect them to arrive so early!!! Ok, actually, I was tracking my EMS like mad and even called the customer service hotline of my local post office yesterday afternoon to find out the EXACT location of my cds. The customer service officer checked and said that they were with the courier man already and should reach me yesterday or by today. But I didn't want to put my hopes too high for fear of waiting anxiously today. But they really arrived yersterday!!! Yata!!!!!!!!!!

Still too hyped up to comment too much on the cds yet. But the cd covers look really GOOD!!! There are many hidden pictures that were not previously revealed and I'm not even talking about the photo booklet yet!!!! I'm not going to spoil it for anyone. And the photo booklet!!! This is what I call a PROPER photo booklet!!! Not like the previous one for Serenade single. I know which are my favourites already. I have not watched the DVD yet, so I don't know if the DVD contains the Kamen PV or some other previously unreleased footage.

On the way to work this morning, I was blasting away to Kamen + Mirai Koukai + their karoake versions. I've never been so hyper + genki on my way to work in a long time!!! Ever since Serenade single that is.

I've not seen Utaban yet. I hope it was great and that they had a lot of fun!!! Tonight is MS again and Music Fighter too!!!! Ahhh.... I need to fly home to listen to Recommen and ToBase too!!!!


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Thursday, May 05, 2005

2:29 am

Harumatsuri @ Iwate + Kamen No.1 on Oricon

Kamen is No. 1 on the Oricon daily ranking!!!!
Takitsuba, omedetou gozaimasu!!!!!!!! They even beat Ayu!!! Ok, yes although Ayu's single was released about a week ago already. But they still beat her!!!

+ +

Takki attended a Harumatsuri at Iwate, Fujiwara yesterday. There were really soooo many people who attended!!! This is apparently an annual event held by NHK for its taiga dramas. Last year, 200,000 people attended. This year, a record breaking number of 280,000 people went for the event!! Naturally, the reports which covered the event creditted the large turnout mainly to Takki as being the lead actor for Yoshitsune.

The official website actually showed a number of Takki pictures! Eh?? I thought there is an extremely strict copyrights policy on Johnny artistes? The website even had a very short clip! But you know what the weird thing is? That being an official website but the clip seemed just like a fandub!!! You can check it out and judge for yourself. *LOL*

Official website of event:
+ +

PS: Drool over Yoshitsune-sama on a horse and in a boat looking so serene with many followers with him!!! But the sun was so hot!!! And Takki's make-up was extremely thick!! This is not a studio shot yo!! *whacks make-up artist*

Other reports:
+ +
+ +
+ +

PS: Romantic rocks!!!!!!! Why didn't they perform it for the concerts??!!!


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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

11:40 pm

17 @ 050501

Honto ni gomenasai!!!! I actually had these up on Sunday night already. But there was just way too much Takitsuba news about Osaka Go! Con and too much activities going on that I was too preoccupied to post this. So, here you go!!!! By the way, the ratings for Episode 17 went up!!! It's 20.7% as compared to 19.9% for last week!! Yokatta ne~~~~

+ ONE + + TWO + + THREE + + FOUR +

WARNING: The first 20 minutes or so of today's episode is hilarious BUT the rest of the episode today is a definite tear-jeaker.

As the capital is going to be moved back to Kyoto, the people in Fukuhara get busy. Kiyomori just sits back and sees how things go. In Kamakura, Yoshitsune gets familiar with local farmers and spends days peacefully and is happily in bliss with Shizuka. Benkei is still unaware of the relationship between Yoshitsune and Shizuka and complains about her staying at their house. The rest of the Yoshitsune's followers drags him aside to try to let him notice the two’s relationship. This part was totally hilarious because Beneki was totally clueless as to what the others were trying to explain to him. Even after they tried to use an analogy, Benkei still didn't understand. Benkei was upset and stormed off to take a walk. He walked to the beach and stepped into the water to wash his face. He somehow slips into the water. Actually, I have no idea how he slipped. It looked, chotto fake to me.

Benkei is saved by a fisherman's daughter, Chidori. Upon waking up, Benkei happens to see Chidori naked and gets upset because it is the first time for him to see a naked woman. Benkei's expression at this part was so funny!!! He was shocked + speechless + helpless and he grabs his clothes and runs away!!! And you know what, he was STARING so wide-eyed at Chidori!!! *whacks Benkei* You wa hentai ojisan!!! However, soon after, Benkei spends more time with Chidori and falls in love with Chidori, which Yoshitsune and the others are happy about. Around that time, Masako asks Yoshitsune to marry a woman Yoritomo recommends. Because he loves Shizuka, Yoshitsune suffers. He is torn between the woman that his brother wants him to marry and the love of his life. Benkei and the rest discuss this problem secretly, late at night in a small hut. Unfortunately, Shizuka happened to overhear their conversation and finds out that Yoshitsune has been offered a marriage. She is upset as she loves Yoshitsune too. She knows that Yoshitsune is in a difficult position and decides to go back to Kyoto. She announces it to everyone that night and everyone is shocked. Everyone does not want her to go, but she insists. Shizuka thanks Yoshitsune for everything and she leaves the next day with Chidori as company. Everyone sends her off from a distance. Shizuka and Yoshitsune are sad but both put up a brave front.


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Monday, May 02, 2005

7:52 pm

CDs Shipped!

Just checked my email and "We shipped your order today".
I'm going to get my hands on Kamen/Mirai Koukai cd this week!!!! Yata!!!!!

PS: Everyone go request for a Go! Con dvd!!!!!!!
Every concert's rabu rabu gets better and better!!!! Go request!!!! Hayaku!!!!!


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12:25 am

We are the T&T

Tsubasa updated this 283 after such a long time and Takki updated his Rengou too!!!!! Takki updated THREE times within the last 3 days!!!!

Every Takitsuba fan can be heard screaming from all corners of the world since yesterday's Osaka Go! Con rabu rabu comments. And trust me, they were indeed RABU RABU ∞ Totally throwing straight balls at each other!!! No more super-curved balls!!! Yeshhh!!!!!! Let's all go crazy and celebrate now!!!! And Tsubasa was the one who said it FIRST!!! Yes, Tsubasa we all know that you love Takki the MOST and no one will ever replace you in Takki's heart!!!! And Takki gave a FLYING KISS to Tsubasa!!!! OMG!!!!!! Why is there no cameras at the concert yesterday???!!!!! Lucky lucky fans at Osaka Go! Con!!!! There is almost no chance of this PRECIOUS + PRICELESS scene making it into the concert dvd, if there is even going to be one because I don't think anyone spotted cameras there. *cries an ocean*

They sang Epilogue for the encore today!!!! Yeshhhh!!!!!!!!!! Ureshikata~~~~

タッキー& 翼はらぶらぶ最高!!!


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Sunday, May 01, 2005

1:10 am

Osaka Go! Con + MS (050429)

Osaka Go! Con (050430) Song List

1) Serenade
2) Love Spiral
3) Sora no Screen
4) Kamen
5) We are the T&T (Huh? What song is this? It's supposed to be the intro song, but...eto, "We are the T&T"??)
6) MC Talk
7) Junior Dance
8) Yoshitsune Corner (I wonder what does Takki do here? Dress up in his Yoshitsune costume and fight off the Juniors? )
9) Circle
10) 2nd Face
11) Axel
12) Ai Sekai
13) Ai Shitagari
14) Queen of R
15) Sotsugyou
16) Diamond
17) Ai Check It
18) Mihatenu Yume (Tsubasa's new solo for Tongari Corn tuna-flavoured CM)
19) Yume Monogatari
20) Da.Ke.Do (Takki's composition with the lyrics written by his drinking buddy )
21) One Day One Dream
22) Kamira Tamara
23) Mirai Koukai

1) Hito Natsu No
2) Kamen

No Epilogue??? No You & I??? I don't know, but imho, Mirai Koukai just doesn't have the right feeling for an ending song.

Tsubasa came out at the end with only a white towel wrapped around his waist!!! Takki came out with his shirt off and a towel around his head!!!

Takki gave Tsubasa a FLYING KISS!!!!!!!!!! Kyahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Credits to Jenn and Sentaki

Serenade Stick - I'm pretty speechless and quite disappointed about the Serenade stick. Ok, it might look pretty in the dark because the rose on top of the stick is a light. But, generally, lights look pretty in the dark. And I've not seen it in the dark yet. I've only seen pictures of it and........ ok, Snuffles says that it's way too Matsuken SAMBA-ish. It has way too much gold and silver streamers around it and the streamers are too long!! It looks like a feather duster!!! I'm serious!!! It looks totally different from what I expected it to be. I think a handmade Serenade stick made according to the FC instructions would look way much better, except that it would not have a light. I seriously hope that Takitsuba didn't have a say in the design of the Serenade penlight. I'm sure they have way better taste than that!!!!!

Credits to Momo for the picture of the Serenade Stick

Pamphlet - It's stylish!!!!! It's black in colour and has a picture of Takitsuba (monochrome) in side profile. There are 2 silver stars ★★ at the right bottom corner of the cover. I wonder how thick/thin is this year's pamphlet? Last year's Harucon pamphlet was a THICK BOOK!

Credits to Jenn for the picture of the pamphlet

T-Shirt - It's black in colour and is stylish too. The front design is similar to the pamphlet, without Takitsuba's picture of course. The back design is simple but stylist. "05" is printed in white colour and there are 2 small light-yellow stars ★★ above the "05". I think they are stars because the picture I saw was very small. I hope they have proper sizes for females this time round!!

Credits to Snuffles for the picture of the t-shirt

MS (050429)

I finally saw the dance moves for the whole song of Kamen properly, finally! Ok, Kamen is a dance song. It's all about the dance. Takitsuba must have spent a lot of effort learning and practising this dance, especially Takki. The moves are really quite difficult and a lot of coordination is needed too. Takki looked kanpeki and Tsubasa's dancing is woah... yappari, Tsubasa wa Dancing King. But both of them looked tired? I think the hectic schedule is getting to them. They must have been busy and tired with concert rehearsals recently. Plus, they had to reach Osaka that same night for Osaka Go! Con (050430). Taihen desune~~ I feel that the PV is way much hotter. Maybe I anticipated too much from a live TV performance and that is why I feel that the MS performance paled in comparison? Kana...


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