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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

2:10 am

25 @ 050626


Noriyori discusses the battle plan with Yoshitsune and others in the Genji camp. Noriyori delegates the task of fighting Yoshinaka to Yoshitsune. When Yoshitsune's retainers find out, all are so elated and excited. Benkei even congratulated Yoshitsune. (These men are nuts I tell you. So excited to go to battle. ~__~''')

At the Yoshinaka camp, Yoshinaka is told that Yukiie has ran off/disappeared. Yoshinaka is furious. To defeat Yoshinaka, Yoshitsune heads for Kyoto leading Genji’s army. Together with the support of his retainers, Yoshitsune defeats Yoshinaka’s army at Uji River. However, they realise that Yoshinaka, Tomoe and Tomoe's brother are not leading the soldiers in battle. Yoshitsune senses seomthing amiss and immediately tells his retainers to ride with him to Yoshinaka's villa. They went to Yoshinaka's villa to look for him but he has already left. After the battle, Yoshitsune enters Kyoto and succeeds in saving Goshirakawa who was under house arrest by Yoshinaka. Goshirakawa was terrifed at first because he thought it was Yoshinaka who came to attack him. Then Yoshitsune bowed in respect and introduced himself. Goshirakawa was very impressed with Yoshitsune and likes him immediately. (Who wouldn't?!?! *LOL*)

Driven from the capital, Yoshinaka is on the run with Tomoe and Tomoe's brother. (I think he's Tomoe's brother?) He tells Tomoe to stay behind alone as he does not want to implicate her. Tomoe refuses and cries, but stays behind in the end. She tried to stop a group of Genji army from chasing after Yoshinaka and her brother. She fights them off and runs away. Still on the run, it begins to snow. A group of Genji army finally manages to catch up with Yoshinaka and Tomoe's brother. Yoshinaka knows his time is near. He decides to charge towards the enemy. He is killed by a single arrow shot at the centre of his forehead. Tomoe's brother put his sword through his throat and killed himself. (It is considered more honourable to kill oneself than to get killed by one's enemies.)

Goshirakawa rewards Yoshitsune for saving him as appointing him as the guard of the Imperial Palace. Thus, Yoshitsune settles into Kyoto and spends days in peace for a while. Yoshitsune is informed of Yoshinaka's death. He is upset as Yoshinaka is his cousin after all. Yoshitsune parades in the streets of Kyoto. The people bow in respect as he helped the people to oust Yoshinaka the bully out of Kyoto. Utsubo and Otoku are also in the crowd. Later, Kichiji and his wife have a homecoming + celebratory party for Yoshitsune and his retainers. His retainers realise that the house has many new belongings put at one side. Kichiji tells them that the new house furniture were from the Heike house. Then, the tv camera showed that the screen which Yoshitsune drew the sun on was also among the things in Kichiji's house!! But Yoshitsune did not notice it at all. Kichiji mentions Tokiwa to Yoshitsune.

One day, Yukiie visits Yoshitsune. Hearing him speak ill of Yoshinaka, Yoshitsune gets angry about Yukiie’s embarrassing attitude. He storms out of the room. Yoshitsune is irritated with himself for engaging in such disputes among his relatives. He misses his mother, Tokiwa. He tears as he thinks of her. (Gyahhh!!~~~~~ Yoshitsune-sama!!! Don't cry!!!!!) The next day, Yoshitsune goes to see Tokiwa. Both of them are happy to see each other. (I'm really glad that they meet again. ^__^ Actually, I miss seeing Tokiwa too. *lol* Whenever there is a Yoshitsune & Tokiwa scene, it's always so heartwarming. ^__^) Yoshitsune tells Tokiwa about his retainers and even names them out one by one. Tokiwa mentions about Yoshiko (~__~) to Yoshitsune and tells him that Yoshiko decided to follow the Heike family. Although she is glad to see Yoshitsune again, Tokiwa tells Yoshitsune not to come to see her any more. Tokiwa plays the flute for Yoshitsune again. (Gyahhh!!! So sad!!!! *sobz*)

PS: SHIZUKA appears in the next episode!!!!!!! O-tanoshimi!!~~~~ (Why on earth do I feel so excited over a taiga??????!!! Can't believe myself that I'm actually so hyped up over it. *LMAO* Yappari, the powers of Yoshitsune-sama ne? fufufufu~~~~~)


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Saturday, June 25, 2005

12:52 pm


Thanks to Jee/Yona who passed the J-Baton to me!!! I shall pass it on here!! Let's see how many times this can be passed round the world ne? ^-^V Ok, ikimasu~~~~~

What is the percentage of Johnnys stuff on your PC (kettai)?

PC: I's about 90%. That's quite scary ain't it? *LOL*
Kettai: I think it's about 70%? That includes pictures which I transferred from my PC to my kettai, ringtones, screensaver, profile settings.....etc.... (^__^) I even used my kettai to take a photo of my TV screen when I was watching Harukon'04 dvd and that picture has been my kettai wallpaper ever since. Oh yea, it's THAT Diamond T&T side-butt pose shot. fufufufu~~~~

What is the most recent Johnnys program that you watched?

Taiga: Yoshitsune Epi 24
Dorama: Engine Epi 10
Variety: Zubari Iu Wa Yo (050621)
Clips: Gakibara 2000

What embarassing thing is on your desktop (kettai)?

Desktop: None
Ain't it too dangerous to be saved on my desktop visible to anyone??!!! *LOL* All the juicy pictures are hidden in a folder somewhere NOT on the desktop.
Kettai: My Harukon'04 Diamond T&T side-butt shot wallpaper taken with my kettai *LMAO* I have had friends who didn't know about my T&T obssession asking me what pic that was. ^^;;;

Which 5 Johnnys songs do you want to listen to, and which 5 Johnnys songs do you like?

Want to Hear/Watch:

[1] Underworld (Takki)
[2] Epilogue (T&T)
[3] Real DX (T&T)
[4] Futari no Yoru (Takki)
[5] Ikanaide (Tsubasa)

I realise that 5 is WAY TOO LITTLE!!! So difficult to choose only 5!!!!!! X____X

5 Johnnys Songs I Like:

[1] Epilogue (T&T)
[2] Real DX (T&T)
[3] To Be (T&T)
[4] Diamond (T&T)
[5] You & I (T&T)

Again, 5 is impossible to pick!!!! It's so unfair to choose only 5!!! I feel guilty not picking other songs!!!!!! >.<

The 3 people you are passing the baton onto:

[1] Snuffles
[2] Yvie
[3] Sandy


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Monday, June 20, 2005

10:11 am

24 @ 050619


On the way back from the disheartening meeting with Yoshinaka, Yoshitsune thinks of their conversation. Then, he senses someone following him. Soon after, Benkei meets up with Yoshitsune. Yoshitsune tells him that there is someone following him. Then, a group of soldiers attack both Benkei and Yoshitsune. This group of soldiers is actually led by Tomoe, Yoshinaka's lover. Then, Yoshinaka arrives on a horse and stops them. He even slapped Tomoe.

Yoshinaka's army continues to bully the people in Kyoto. Goshirakawa is very displeased with Yoshinaka's imprudence. To serve Yoshinaka a warning, Goshirakawa treats Yukiie preferentially. Yoshitsune writes to Yoritomo but hesitates to report the whole truth about what Yoshinaka has been doing. Ordered by Goshirakawa, Yukiie chases after the Heike family. However, Yukiie loses the battle in no time and runs away. The Heike family are happy with the victory led by Tomomori.

Yoshinaka found out that Goshirakawa has given Yukiie power and is very angry. He stormed into Goshirakawa's imperial villa and tried to find him. Feeling uneasy to know that Yoshinaka has found out his conspiracy with Yukiie, Goshirakawa sends his aid, Tairano Tomoyasu to see how Yoshinaka reacts. Yoshinaka insults Tomoyasu, which worsens the relationship between Goshirakawa and Yoshinaka. Yoshinaka toppled the mini-table for placing wine, placed it on his shoulder and used the table surface as a drum. (Huh? Erm..sorry but I don't know what the meaning is. I just know that Yoshinaka is mocking Tomoyasu and also Goshirakawa.)

Goshirakawa secretly starts gathering armed monks to oppose Yoshinaka. Realizing that Yoshinaka would be put into a corner, Yoshitsune tries to see him again to remonstrate with him. Despite Yoshitsune’s concern, Yoshinaka attacks the imperial villa where Goshirakawa has hidden in. He also burns the villa. He confines Goshirakawa to house arrest.

Around that time, Noriyori comes to Omi bringing Yoritomo’s order to proceed to a battle against Yoshinaka.

PS: Next week, see Yoshitsune in battle!!! And I think Yoshitsune will meet his mother, Tokiwa again?? O-tanoshimi~~~


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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

11:21 pm

Various News

1) Actually heard of the rumour last week already. But it was a rumour. So the rumour is confirmed now. (^-^)

Takki will be starring in ANOTHER period drama early next year, 2006. It's a special aired on TBS entitled 『南総里見八犬伝』 to be shown on 2 days, 2.5 hours each day. However, the actual dates are not decided yet. WOAH!!! Imagine watching TWO & HALF HOURS of Takki at ONE go!!!!! Will our hearts be able to take it? *LMAO*

Credits: Sentaki

2) SMAP's Tsuyoshi and Shingo are the main presenters of this year's 28th 24-hour TV marathon on TV Asahi. The show will air from the evening of August 28. It's the first time that any of the SMAP members are taking part since 1995. Shingo has designed the official logo t-shirts for the show.

3) Matsuken (Benkei in Yoshitsune) is set to release Matsuken Samba III this summer. Matsuken Samba THREE??!!!!! *thud thud thud* Mou...... ain't it enough already???? ~_~'''

4) Tsubasa updated his 283 AGAIN!!! WOAH!!! T&T are both updating so regularly now ne~~~ Tsubasa is protesting against Koutan/Kontan ne~~~~~ *ROFLMAO* This is his 3rd update within a few days???? W(^o^)W Takki, it's so obvious your aikata needs your constant care and concern. ^^;;; Talking about Koutan/Kontan in your Rengou doesn't sit well with him yo. Dame dame~~~


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3:15 pm

Official News: Tsubasa in Yoshitsune

It is finally officially announced that Tsubasa will be guest-appearing in Yoshitsune. He will be acting as the role of Nasu no Yoichi in the 'Battle of Yashima'. Tsubasa will appear in Episode 32 which is due to be aired on August 14.

News reports: + Sponichi + Nikkan Sports + Sanspo + Yomiuri + Daily +

It's been many years since T&T both appeared in a drama together. Their last one was Genryoku Ryoran, (about 5 or 6 years ago?) also a taiga drama. The only part I remember about Genryoku Ryoran is Tsubasa and Takki having a confrontation in a room and both of them drew swords to fight each other. I remember Tsubasa looked quite bald because they tied a black cloth quite tightly around his head? *lol* Shall go and dig my clips and see if I can find it and do a screencap. As I have previously posted, Nasu no Yoichi is the best archer in the Genji army whom successfully shot a fan which was in the Heike's ship out in the ocean.

The chief producer had decided from very early before that he wanted Tsubasa to act in Yoshitsune. (I think I read that during the concert, Tsubasa actually did mention that he was going to appear in Yoshitsune? But all the fans in the crowd didn't believe him and Takki said something like, "Ok, Let's show them ne?" ^^;;; And obviously everyone thought they were joking. And I think this was only mentioned once?) So, both of them already knew way ahead that Tsubasa was going to have a guest appearance ne. Teasing us and testing our reactions during the concert kana?

Went to Yahoo Auctions and LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Takki as Yoshitsune in his red armour and Tsubasa as Yoichi in a blue armour. Tsubasa has long black hair!!!!!! Oh darn, I need a better close-up pic of this. They do look alike here don't they?? Twins with the long black hair, similar costumes and arrows behind their back. *LOL* It's just that Takki's in red and Tsubasa's in blue. Hmm.... it reminds me of their colours, where Takki wears orange for Real DX and pink for Yume, whereas Tsubasa is in blue for both songs. PS: How come their shoes look so HUGE???!!

Tsubasa on a horse (Sylph??) with a bow and arrow, aiming at the target!!!! He looks kinda bulky here wearing the period drama costume? ^^;;;


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Monday, June 13, 2005

6:45 pm

23 @ 050612


Yoshitsune with his retainers make camp in Omi. Suddenly, Yoshitsune hears Jiro and Saburo shouting from outside the camp. Yoshitsune and the other remaining retainers rush out. To everyone's pleasant surprise, it was Utsubo!!! She has come to visit Yoshitsune. She was gushing and blushing when she saw Yoshitsune after such a long time. *LOL* Hearing from her that the Heike family has decided to flee from Kyoto, Yoshitsune thinks of going to see what is happening in the capital.

Around the same time in Kyoto, it becomes known that the ex-emperor Goshirakawa has secretly escaped from the imperial palace to hide in a temple in the mountains. Munemori and the other Heike members are shocked to learn of the ex-emperor's betrayal. Munemori and Tomomori goes to tell their sister (Tokuko), whom is now the mother of the young child Emperor Antoku that they are leaving. Munemori is sad as he delivers the news. Muneko and Yoshiko (Yikes!! She made her appearance today!!! X___X Sorry, but I ain't the greatest fan of Goto Maki.) goes to see Tokiko. Yoshiko decides to leave with the Heike and Tokiko is pleased with her. The Heike family finally leaves Kyoto with a heavy heart. Tokiko, Muneko, Tokuko, Yoshiko and Emperor Antoku travel by carriage with 3 treasures. (national treasures kana?) Soon after, Yoshinaka and his lover, Tomoe enters the capital with Yukiie. Yoshinaka and Yukiie pays a visit to Goshirakawa. However, Yoshinaka does not give Goshirakawa any respect. Seeing Yoshinaka's rude behavior, Goshirakawa feels insecure about siding with him.

During the escape from Kyoto, the Heike family stops over at Fukuhara and holds a memorial service for Kiyomori. During the service accompanied by music which was played by the males in the Heike family, Tokiko sees Kiyomori’s ghost. She is upset and misses him. As Kiyomori's ghost fades away, a single firefly is seen flying towards Tokiko. Later, in the far distance across the sea, Yoshitsune sees a huge fire burning near the shore in Fukuhara. The Heike family has burnt the camp and shelter used for the stopover and memorial service. Yoshitsune is reminded of Kiyomori and misses him. A single firefly flies towards him as well. (I think the firefly is meant to protray Kiyomori's spirit kana?)

After being granted an official rank by Goshirakawa, Yoshinaka immerses himself in a luxurious lifestyle in Kyoto and neglects to control his army. Without any higher authority to control them, Yoshinaka's army start to bully the commoners. One day, Yoshitsune, who comes to Kyoto to gather information, witnesses the violence by Yoshinaka's soldiers. He goes up to stop them but is prevented by Benkei for fear of blowing their disguise. Yoshitsune was furious at the actions of Yoshinaka's soldiers.

Later that night, Yoshitsune goes to find Yoshinaka to remonstrate with him as his cousin. At first, Yoshinaka did not believe that the man standing in front of him was Yoshitsune. Then, Yoshitsune mentioned an incident 10 years ago, from the past, which only both of them would have know of. It was only then that Yoshinaka believed Yoshitsune. Yoshitsune tells Yoshinaka about what he saw in the capital and tells him to do something about his army. Yoshinaka got very angry and pulled out his sword and put it to Yoshitsune's neck. However, Yoshitsune was TOTALLY UNFAZED at all!!! Woah!!! Yoshitsune continues to plead with him and talks about his own ideals, a new country. (I think?) I'm not sure exactly what he said here. Did Yoshitsune mention something about stopping war and a Heike + Genji clan merger or co-existence? *shrugs* Gomenasai. I get quite lost when the characters start to engage in rather long conversations. ^^;;; Yoshinaka continued to remain furious untill Yoshitsune mentioned Yoshinaka's son (I think his name is Yoshitaka?) who was now residing in Yoritomo's residence. Only at the mention of his son did Yoshinaka cool down somewhat. Yoshinaka asks Yoshitsune about his son. At the end, Yoshitsune leaves with a heavy heart, knowing that Yoshinaka is only hankering after power and glory.


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2:33 am

タッキー&翼 <合コン>

Credits: Snuffles , Yona, Bee, Yona, Yvie, Yahoo Auctions
Minna, doumo arigatou gozaimasu~~~

Disclaimer: I know I spent ages to do this concert report. I tried my very best to include as many details as possible. It is described through my own first hand experience. The feelings I have written down in the report is solely my own and does not stand for anyone else's representation.

Notes: The directional orientation as described is a view from the centre stage, as if one is standing on the centre stage as T&T.

The stage set-up is similar to Harukon '04, except there are additional walkways this year. So more fans got a better view this time round. The whole stage set-up was connected from the front to the back and back to the front. There was the main big screen above the top level stage, 1 small screen on the left and right side of the main screen and a few more small screens around. (3 more I think)

My Seats:
21st May afternoon 2pm show = Arena F block
21st May evening 6pm show = Arena C block
22nd May afternoon 12pm show = Stand East block
22nd May evening 4pm show = Arena F block

Ray-san kindly sold me tickets to the first 3 shows! Doumo arigatou gozaimasu!!! So I only bought 1 ticket from the dafuya this year!! I was very happy with my Stand East block ticket because it was a FIRST Row Stand ticket on Takki's side!!! Although it was a butt view from the side, at least there was no one standing in front of me to block me. PLUS, Takki would go round in the cart at the East block during Ai Shitagari so this was my ONLY chance to grope/touch him and feel the holy 'Hide Juice'!!! Unfortunately, fate was not kind and Takki decided to lean back in his cart when he passed by. He didn't reach his hands out when he was passing by my seat.


This is the usual scene when fans stream into the Arena. The main screen flashes the words "Tackey & Tsubasa 05 Kon" in kind of a wave motion repeatedly while waiting for the concert to start. A few minutes before the concert time, the fans will always start the Takitsuba chant.

Takki!! *clap clap* Tsubasa!! *clap clap*
Takki!! *clap clap* Tsubasa!! *clap clap*

Then, at the scheduled time, the lights will promptly dim and the Arena goes pitch black. White, light blue lights on centre stage and a group of Juniors appear, wearing white long hooded robes and do an intro dance. There were also green laser lights beaming around. When the very first note of Serenade rang out, everyone screamed.


A hidden trapdoor on the floor at the higher level of the centre stage opened and white smoke appeared. T&T rose up from below. Everyone screamed even louder.

Immediately, T&T started the opening moves for Serenade. Their right hand goes across and slide down their left thigh and then the infamous tapping at the beginning of Serenade. "dum, dum, dum, dum, BOOM!" Fireworks were released at the exact timing of the last step!! Everyone screamed even louder!! We were all so hyped up!!! (^__^) V

Look at how kakkoii they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dies* I couldn't believe I was back in Japan watching T&T concert! *pinch myself* Is this real??? Kyahhhhh!!!~~~~ T&T were just...there....on the stage...I'm seeing them LIVE, with my very eyes!!!!

Costume: Red, long-sleeved, super kira kira coats with gold lining on the inside and gold buttons. Leopard-printed long pants with the right leg of the pants having red swirl motifs. Champagne-pink scarves around their neck tucked beneath the collar of their coat.

Then T&T did this V-standing pose. Chooouuuuu KAKKOII!!!!~~~~~ It was like they were the king & queen of the world, standing in front of all their subjects. All hail The King and Queen!! *lol* I was more than willing to bow to His Majesty and Her Queen but I was obviously unable to tear my eyes away from staring at them!!! *lol*

The of Serenade was done on the centre stage. During the chorus, everyone was following along to the hand movements. There were fans who brought their own handmade Serenade stick. Despite the official Serenade stick looking suspiciously like a feather duster *lol*, there were really many, many fans who bought it!! The power of Takki's Serenade Stick Advertising Campaign kana? *lol* Those who didn't make their own or buy the official stick (like us) simply used the Johnny's penlight and followed the hand movements. It was so much fun when everyone around you and T&T does the same hand movements!! (\^__^/) You can really feel a sense of bond between everyone in the concert!! It's really an excellent way for fan interaction!!!

Note: On 22nd May afternoon show, Takki didn't catch his stick. I think Takki kinda threw his stick slightly behind him, so it was out of his reach when he tried to catch it. The stick landed up behind him. So he had turn around and pick it up. And he BOWED to the audience after that, like kinda apologising for his mistake. *lol* KAWAII~~~~ Everyone was laughing when Takki did that. Couldn't see Takki's expression when he bowed but I guess he smiled kana? (^__^) So for 22nd May evening show, we were kinda kinchou but Takki caught his stick!! Yokatta ne~~~ (^___^) There was even some applause from the crowd.

Love Spiral

T&T left the centre stage and went round the sides. At the beginning music of this song for almost every show, Takki would shout out, "Hey Hey Hey Hey!!! Tackey & Tsubasa GO! Con!!!!" And the fans would go entirely wild!!!!

Long, colourful cloth banners and hundreds of balloons were released from the ceiling above the stage. The song started with the upbeat chorus and it got everyone's tensions up high immediately! This song is definitely a MUST at concerts!! MUST!! It just gets u sooooo super hyped up!!! Takki went along the right stage extension and Tsubasa to the left. T&T would be waving their hands from side to side in big movements and everyone would follow suit holding our penlights. Everyone was really waving madly, trying to catch their attention!! You can hear different sections of the crowd screaming especially loud whenever either of them was near that section or looking in that direction. *lol*

Sora no Screen

As soon as the music for Love Spiral ended, the music for Sora no Screen started. It was like a neverending rush of adrenalin!!! So much excitement!!! It was one upbeat, concerty song immediately one after another. It was really so much fun as we kept screaming, singing, waving our penlights and doing all the hand movements. *lol* I think by this time, Tsubasa has gone back along the left stage extension again and Takki on the right. At the starting music of this song, Takki would usually shout things like, "Yokohama iku zou!!~~~" T&T were both handed the official Go! Con mufflers by a staff from below the side of the extension stage. Takki got into the uplifter on the right and Tsubasa into the one on the left. The uplifters starting extending outwards and rising. And oh my, the screams just kept getting louder. When T&T were swinging their mufflers, we were all swinging our mufflers or penlights like crazy as well. Takki would also usually shout things like, "Yokohama, genki ga???" or "Kyou tanoshii kon-sa-to wo tsukurou!!~~~" And everyone would scream in answer. The uplifters circled once in the air before coming back down. Everyone was screaming madly especially the fans in the Standing seats as they could see T&T much closer.


The music for Kamen started almost immediately after Sora no Screen. During the few seconds of ending music from Sora no Screen and before the next song started, T&T would hurriedly run to their individual main exit/entrance at the centre stage, take off their Serenade coats, pull away their pants and put on their black jackets to reveal their costume for Kamen!!!! There were staff at the exit/entrance to help hand them their Kamen jackets. It was really all done in such a flash!!! *lol* I was actually wondering why T&T were wearing scarves around their neck in their previous costumes. Ah, so they had to hide their shirt and tie worn for Kamen!! Oh my...isn't it extremely hot and uncomfortable?? T&T had to dance, sing, smile, be uber genki and get the tensions of the fans high while wearing 2 or 3 layers of clothes, including a tie!!! And we all know how the shirt worn for Kamen causes major wedgies!!! *LOL* Wow... I cannot imagine the amount of uncomfortableness and perspiration they were experiencing. No wonder they were always complaining that it was very hot during MC talks.

T&T got into their dance formation for Kamen near the front of the centre stage. Takki was standing on the left and Tsubasa on the right. Everyone started doing the hand movements along with T&T for the first 2 opening lines of the song. I know I was holding my penlight and following along.

KAKKOII!!!~~~~ Look at Takki's hair and frowny eyebrows!! And his V-standing pose really looks sooooooo good!!! *droooools* I'm fixated at staring at his legs. *lol* I don't know what it is about his legs in this pic. But I just can't stop staring. *LMAO* The whole of Kamen was done on the centre stage. We were all singing our hearts out along with T&T for Kamen! Actually, we were all doing that for every single song in the concert!! *LOL* When we went back to our hotel, we were all having a bad case of sore throats and spoke to each other in hoarse voices. *lol*

After the 1st verse, there is a short music only part. Takki did this super slick sliding move and stepped onto the centre circular platform. I was pretty taken by that sliding move. I don't know how to describe it exactly. Takki made it look so simple but it was quite breathtaking. I think the platform started to rotate as Takki slided onto the platform kana? So the combination at that particular moment had a rather powerful visual effect? Am I making sense?? *LOL*

Then, the platform started to rise with T&T standing on top. The sides of the platform was covered all round with very long, metallic silver streamers such that they covered the entire length of the risen platform to the original centre stage floor. Eto, I can't really remember if the platform rotated throughout the song. Gomen ne. >__<''

I was staring fixated on T&T during Kamen. Erm, I was staring more at Takki actually. *lol* Although Tsubasa's dancing is really really subarashi, I'm afterall, a pro Takki fan. (^_^) I was very excited during Kamen. I was looking at the Kamen dance LIVE!!! The TxT body roll!!!! The clockwork hand motion!!!! The dance for Kamen is really chouuuuu kakkoii!!!!~~~ I didnt have a binoculars with me but there were a few times I managed to tear my eyes away from the main stage and glanced at the screens. Woah!!! Takki's arched eyebrows were really hard at work here!!! How can anyone resist that intense look??!!! It just totally makes you melt into a mass of goo!! (*^__^*) Near the end of the song, the platform started to lower, but remained a notch above the original height.

Costume: Black, shiny (Is it satin too?) jackets with a silver mask (I think?) motif on the left breast of the jacket. Tight, white shirts under the jackets(which we all know by now are shirts-cum-briefs connected together as one whole piece *lol* major wedgie *lol*) and black pants with white kira belts. The black pants have a single metallic, silver stripe running down both sides of the pants. T&T are both wearing really shiny black satin, slim ties as well. I LOVE their ties!!!! Takki's tie has a single silver mask motif at the bottom of the tie. Tsubasa's tie has a single metallic silver stripe running down the middle.

Aishiteruze (T&T) **Highlight of the concert**

This is the BEST raburabu song EVER!!!! TxT!!!!! Everyone really look forward to hearing this song during each concert. It's where the best bits are spilled out. *LOL* It's also where there's a whole lot of fun!!! (^__^) I read somewhere that this song is supposed to be a song specially written for the whole Takitsuba family, for everyone to get involved and interact together. The unique part of the song is that there aren't many lyrics involved so that T&T can make up their own lyrics and say whatever they want or feel about each other and about the fans too!!! (^__^) Everyone's so looking forward to this song precisely because we never know what T&T are gona say!!!

After Kamen ends, a Jr would walk over to Tsubasa from behind and hand him a pair of big, black sunglasses. Although Tsubasa looks like a dork wearing it, but I think he does look quite cute. *lol*

Tsubasa starts off. So he would stand forward and usually has one hand on his hip as he tells everyone what he wants to say to Takki. Takki would stand slightly behind him and usually smiles or laughs at what Tsubasa says to/about him. Takki looked chouuu kawaii whenever he was smiling or laughing during this part!!! When it was Takki's turn to say something to/about Tsubasa, they would switch places to stand.

Aishiteruze (T&T)
Mune Ni Ai Ga Aru No Sa (means = Love is in my heart)
We are the T&T
Mune Ni Ai Ga Aru No Sa
We are the T&T
Tsubasa says something about Takki and ends off shouting "Hideaki Takizawa!!!"
Tackey! (x 8 times)
Takki says something about Tsubasa and ends off shouting "Imai Tsubasa!!!"
Tsubasa! (x 8 times)
Tsubasa says something about the fans/crowd.
You tachi! (x 8 times)
Mune Ni Ai Ga Aru No Sa
We are the T&T
Mune Ni Ai Ga Aru No Sa
Kimi mo! (x 5 times) T&T
Tackey! Tsubasa! Tackey! Tsubasa!
Tackey! Tsubasa! Tackey! Tsubasa!
Hey! You tachi! (x 6 times)

Look at Takki!! CHOUUU KAWAII!!!~~~~~ Sometimes when Takki's name was called out during this song, Takki would do these extremely kawaii expressions. He really acts like a kid desho? Ah... how I love the kid in his adult body... KAWAII!!!!!!! I really feel like pinching and squishing his cheeks!!! *pinch pinch pinch* He looks like he's truly enjoying himself. (^__^)

As for Tsubasa, he would always lift up his right leg and while bending his right knee, he does the "peace" sign at the same time with both his hands. Ahh..I need a photo to show this action but I can't find it anywhere. Everytime we shouted his name, he would repeat this action. *LMAO* It's chou funny + kawaii that I was half-laughing while trying to shout out his name everytime. *LOL*

This warm rush always comes over me when I see T&T being baka/aho + kawaii live on stage. I feel so happy looking at them enjoying themselves. Knowing that they can be so childlike at times lets me feel that they are real....real human beings like you and me. It's really tiring to act/be cool and kakkoii all the time. To me, it's during such times when they are being baka/aho + kawaii that I feel that they are kind of showing a true/real side of them. It's like they're removing their masks, not hiding anything from us, letting go of their emotions.

TxT raburabu excerpts

21st May afternoon show
Tsubasa: 10 years ago, there was a boy who parted his hair in the centre.
And that boy is staring at me.
You like me, don't you? (Everyone screamed!!)
AISHITERU ZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Everyone SCREAMED!!~~~~ Tsubasa said that he LOVES Takki outright in front of thousands of fans??!! Was I dreaming?? I couldn't believe what my ears were hearing!! Tsubasa said "aishiteru"!!! Not suki, or daisuki, but AISHITERU!!!)

I was screaming like a mad woman I tell ya. *lol* Tsubasa's public proclaim of love for Takki just made the entire crowd go wild!!! It's not everyday that Tsubasa is willing to announce/show his affection publicly yo! He's usually the shy one between the two. So naturally, everyone went into total shock + happiness!! *LOL* And then......Takki's reply...

Takki: Stop nagging!
It's been 10 years since I met you.
I cannot stand it anymore.
Everyone, please listen to an important announcement today.
Tackey and Tsubasa KEKKON SHIMASU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KYAHHHHH!!!~~~~~~ The screams in the crowd went out of control I tell ya!! I was literally jumping up and down in joy and screaming at the top of my voice! If the crowd went wild before from Tsubasa's public proclaim of love for Takki, the crowd went out of control here!! Takki just announced that T&T are GETTING MARRIED!!!! OMG!!! Go! Con has made every TxT fan dream come true. It's truly The Wedding Kon!!

22nd May afternoon show
Tsubasa: Today, before we came to the concert venue, we went to the ward/city office.
This is a sudden announcement.
Tackey and Tsubasa KEKKON SHIMASHITA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KYAHHHHH!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OMG!!! They did it!!!! They got married!!! After Takki announced that they were getting married yesterday, Tsubasa announced that they GOT MARRIED today!!!! Ahhhh!!!! Someone please pinch me real hard!!! Tell me it ain't a dream!!!

Takki: At Nagoya concert, during Pride The End, you extremely show off how se-xy you are.
In addition, your fly was extremely, extremely, extremely open.
Today, for the sake of the fans, let's go show lots of love!

*ROFL* Takki couldn't resisit it huh? He just had to mention that Tsubasa's fly came undone at Nagoya. *LMAO* So, in order to ''show lots of love'', BOTH of them would ahem... accidentally have their fly open?? *thud thud* Gomen gomen~~~~ My own crappy thoughts now. *LOL*

22nd May evening show
Tsubasa: Last night, I saw Tackey's dream.
Because of that, I slept in late today.
It was a very good dream.
Omae no koto...AISHITERU ZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Takki: CHUUU~~ CHUUU~~ CHUUU~~~~~

Takki turned around and gave Tsubasa THREE FLYING KISSES!!!!! The kissing sounds made weren't very loud. I think by that time, the volume of everyone's screams have already overpowered the kissing sounds because of Tsubasa's "aishiteruze" to Takki already. *LOL* Takki puckered his lips, faced Tsubasa and went CHU CHU CHUUU!!! *&%^$@!$&(^$#%% KYAHHHHHH!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I remember the 3 of us started screaming and continued till we were breathless!!! Or at least I know I was. *LMAO* OMG!!! It cannot get better than this already. T&T displaying their affection for each other publicly in front of thousands of fans! Like how rare is it???!! Gyahh~~~~~~~ Bring me back to May 21st & 22nd!!!!! *cries* I need a time travelling machine!!!!

Name Shouting Battle

After the music just ends for Aishiteruze, Tsubasa always faced the crowd at either the Centre seats or E & F Block with this smile on his face that looked like he was trying to refrain from bursting into laugher and pretended to zip up his fly!!! *ROFLMAO* Tsubasa that baka!!! *thud thud* And then, it's time to prepare our throats for "Who gets the loudest namecall?" *LOL* T&T will take turns to do something which will spark off fans to shout out their names. They are trying to compete to see who gets the louder call.

I think it was always Tsubasa who started first and he was always at the left extension stage while Takki would always be at the right. At the beginning, they will do simple things like putting their hand to their ear and the fans on the left or right side would shout either name.

T&T would both think that there are more fans shouting their name and have a smug look on their faces. KAWAII~~~~~~ Really!!! Just look at how smug AND kawaii Takki looks!!!! *LOL* It was so much fun!!! He looks so happy too!!! ^-^ Ok, ahem...our throats were sore, but heck, we were all more than willing to shout ourselves hoarse!! *lol* Then...they started being baka. I cannot remember exactly when did either of them do these actions already. But, there were once when Takki actually laid on the ground and hit his arms and legs onto the ground like a baby kicking his legs and throwing tantrums in order to garner more fans to shout his name!!! *ROFLMAO* When either of them starting stripping of their jackets, the whole crowd got excited already. There was once that Tsubasa took off his black Kamen jacket, turned the insides out and WORE it back again!!! And I think Takki responded by taking off his jacket and then wearing it back again!!! *thud thud* These 2 two boys!!!! My sides were hurting from all the laughter already!!! And I was still trying to shout their names!!! Ok, I shouted for BOTH of them. There was no way I could resist the 2 bakas!!! *lol* And then, upon seeing this, Takki took off his jacket too and then decided to fold it and put it on the ground! ^^;;; There was twice (I think?) that Tsubasa took off his tie and started unbuttoning the top 1 or 2 buttons of the white Kamen shirt. Everyone started getting super excited. *LOL* Ah...all T&T fans are ever so eager to see T&T in flesh. *LMAO* Then, Tsubasa sorta grabbed and pulled his shirt to reveal some flesh at his collarbone!!! WOAH!!!~~~~ He obviously knows how to tease us!!!! The screams reach fever pitch!! I remember, there was once Takki folded up his pants so that his pants sort of became capris!!! *ROFLMAO* The idea was that they would garner more shouts/screams by revealing more skin. Fufufu~~~~~

Anyway, the Name Shouting Battle would go on for some time and finally about after 7 or 8 times of calling Takki and Tsubasa, Takki would always be the one to stop the game. *phew* It was extremely fun and definitely unforgettable, but there was no way we could last much longer.

MC Talk 1

If I remember correctly, Takki was usually the one who started the MC Talk. He would usually say things like their concert started in Osaka-jou Hall, then Nagoya Rainbow Hall and finally at Yokohama Arena. The talk during this MC Talk usually revolved around their concerts at the 3 venues so far. I remember there was once that Takki made a boo-boo about the seating arrangements in Yokohama Arena. (I think it was 21st May afternoon show kana?) I think he wanted to say hi to the fans in the different seats, ie. Stand, Arena, Centre, Family Seats. Then, he mistook the Stand + Arena seats as one whole section for Stand seats. Fans started shouting that it was actually Arena seats. "Arena, Arena yo!" Then, Takki heard the shouts and realised his mistake. After a while, he finally got the seats right..I think with a little help from Tsubasa explaining at the side too. *lol*

Pride ♂ The End

After MC TAlk 1, T&T exited from the main stage. 5 juniors enter, holding either blue or green long, light sticks. They do some dance coordinated with similar colored bars on the main big screen behind them.

Then, suddenly, Takki makes his entrance from a box at the side stage (inbetween the centres seats). He just literally pops up from a box there. It's like a hidden entrance from side/below the stage. Takki starts dancing. Soon, 2 juniors join him at his side. Then, at the opposite side, Tsubasa makes his sudden entrance too. It's his turn to dance. 2 juniors join him too. This part is like a "Dance Battle" where each of them take turns to dance to different types of music played in a medley. They would dance and move towards the centre main stage at the same time. I remember there were a few explosions during this "Dance Battle" too, ie. when they pointed to some spot on the ground, an explosion would go off for impact. Then, when T&T both reached the centre of the main stage, the music would go into the beginning of Pride ♂ The End.

Costume: Satin off-white/cream colour suits with black buttons, matching inner shirts and pants.

To Be Continued. Please come back and check for updates and edits. Arigatou gozaimasu.


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Sunday, June 12, 2005

9:39 am


1) Takki updated his Takiren

2) A battle scene from Yoshitsune will be featured in NHK Studio Park on 18/6. Not sure if Takki will appear in Studio Park though.

+ NHK Studio Park (18/6) +


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Friday, June 10, 2005

5:29 pm

Tsubasa in Yoshitsune

A short quick post from work.

Tsubasa will be acting in Yoshitsune!!!!
Credits to 2nd Face

Ok, I just needed to shout out that message. *LOL*

Tsubasa will be acting the role of Nasu No Yoichi. I googled for the name and found some information.

The story of Nasu no Yoichi is perhaps the best example of legendary skill in archery.

When the Minamoto and Taira engaged each other at the battle of Yashima, the Taira tied a sacred folding fan to the mast of their ship. The fan was said to contain the spirit of the Emperor and could cause the enemy arrows to recoil and rain upon the Taira's enemies. The Taira offered a challenge to any who dared approach them.

On the shore, Nasu no Yoichi, the greatest Minamoto archer, accepted the challenge by riding his horse into the waves in full view of the Taira ships. With a prayer to the Gods that calm the wind and sea, Nasu no Yoichi let his arrow fly. The arrow split the fan at its base and toppled it into the sea.

On both sides cheers of approval roared from the Warriors at such a magnificent shot.

Credits to + Shingetsu Kyudokai +

A Taira ship draws near the shore where the Minamoto forces are massing. A beautiful court woman emerges, and raising a red fan in the prow, invites the Minamoto to shoot at it. The Minamoto decide that it is surely a trap to entice some of their best men within range of attack from the ship, and rather than approaching, ask their best archer, Nasu no Yoichi, to shoot it down from the beach.

Though he doubts his ability to hit such a small object at a range of several hundred feet, Nasu no Yoichi determines to kill himself if he misses. He says a prayer to Hachiman, the God of war, and lets the arrow fly-a direct hit. Even the Taira must applaud him, though it is a sign that their doom is coming.

Credits to + Heike Monogatari +

One cannot help but remember the Hey3 episode where Tsubasa missed hitting the target twice with his bow and arrow. *ROFLMAO* Is this scene supposed to change our minds about Tsubasa's shooting skills? *LOL*


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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

4:27 am

22 @ 050605

Note: + NHK Yoshitsune Mook Part 2 + on sale 25/6!!

Yoshitsune Epi 22 rating: 21.7%!!! Yata!~~~~


The episode starts with showing Yoshitsune with all his retainers travelling on the road. All of them are wearing battle gear. (Looks like we're going to see lots of long-haired Yoshitsune in his red 30kg (-__-''') battle gear!!) On one of the pitstops along the way to Kyoto from Kamakura, Yoshitsune hears the rout of Heike’s army and sends Saburo to Kyoto for scouting. Actually, it was more like Saburo volunteering himself to be a scout. He was happy not to wear the heavy battle armour and took it off happily. *lol*

Yoshinaka, who defeated Heike’s army at Kurikara Pass, leads more attacks on the retreating Heike army led by Koremori. Because Koremori had to somehow get food during his escape, he had no choice but to surrender a suit of armour which has been passed down to the legitimate heir of the Heike clan. Yoshinaka and his wife were very pleased to have obtained the suit of armour. Upon knowledge of the news, Munemori was furious. Tokiko was informed of the news as well. Munemori goes to find the ex-emperor. However, the ex-emperor seems angry with the Heike clan. One day, Koremori’s mother visits Tokiko. She apologises for Koremori's actions and pleads with her for a loan to buy back the armor.

Yoshitsune and his retainers are sitting around the fire in the Genji camp one night. Suddenly, they hear birds squawking just outside their camp and they are startled, thinking that it might be a sudden ambush from Heike. Fortunately, it is Saburo who has returned from scouting. Yoshitsune and the other retainers are happy and excited to see him back. They immediately want to drink with him. But Saburo has news to report to Yoshitsune first. Yoshitsune learns from Saburo that Yoshinaka and his troops are heading to Kyoto. Everyone gets worried. In an attempt to make Yoshinaka change his mind, Yoshitsune tells Saburo to spread a rumor that the army of Yoritomo is coming to the capital. However, I think Yoshitsune's intention brings about unexpected results.

One night, Otoku (who is actually the narrator in every episode) goes to find Tokiko. I think Otoku wanted to help the Heike on this issue on the account of her close friendship/respect of the late Kiyomori. With the help and tactfulness of Otoku, the Heike family gets the suit of armour back. Upon seeing the suit of armour back in the Heike household, Koremori is very relieved. However, when Koremori's mother asked, Tokiko did not reveal that Otoku helped. Koremori's mother, Koremori and his brother were very grateful to Tokiko for her help. Munemori arrives to see the armour. Koremori apologises to him. However, upon seeing the armour, Munemori brings up something about the main branch of the Heike family. (I think Koremori's mother is the late Kiyomori's second wife kana? So Koremori and his brother are not considered to belong to the main branch of the family.) + Edit: Koremori is the grandson of Kiyomori!! Koremori's mother (Tsuneko) is the 2nd wife and not the birth mother of Koremori and his brother. Thanks to Snuffles for correcting me!! being a blur Yoshitsune dork here!! Hotno ni gomenasai!!! X__X + This upsets Tsuneko, Koremori and his brother. Even Tokiko is startled. Koremori had tears in his eyes, got up in a sudden and left. He felt that perhaps it was all his fault that he was defeated in battle and even had to suffer the humilation of losing the Heike's family heirloom. Tsuneko cried. Upon seeing the turn of events, Tokiko wanted to persuade Munemori but he seemed adamnant. Thus, Tokiko could only sigh and left the matter be. She felt helpless. After all, Munemori was the head of the family now. Later, Munemori let one of his brothers try on the suit of armour. They are in high spirits. Tomomori happens to see them from the hallway and does not seem pleased.

Saburo returns from another trip of scouting. He tells Yoshitsune that his rumour brought about unexpected results and that Yoshinaka was now on his way to Mount Hiei instead. Everyone is perplexed. Yoshitsune is worried and tries to think of the next best course of action. I think Kiyomori's ideals have left a very deep impact on Yoshitsune. Thus, although Yoshitsune is fighting for the Genji clan now, he is still trying to help the late Kiyomori fulfil his unrealised dream.

Tomomori proposes to Munemori that the family should leave Kyoto for the west to rebuild their troops. This is because the great army of Yoshinaka is approaching Mount Hiei. Without a proper battle plan, the Heike would suffer another defeat. Although Munemori did not want to leave the capital, he had no choice but to agree. One of the brothers then proceeded to spread the news to the women in the household. At first, Tokiko was adamnant about leaving the capital. However, her son explained that they had no choice or they would lose terribly in the next battle. They did not want to cause the fall of the clan which Kiyomori had painstakingly built. With a heavy heart, Tokiko agreed. Thus, everyone in the household started packing and preparing for the move.

During this time, the guy whom Kiyomori gave Yoshitsune's mother (Tokiwa) to, came looking for Munemori. (Sorry, I forgot his name already. ~__~ Actually, when he appeared, I was quite excited. I thought Tokiwa was going to appear too. Hmm... I kinda miss her ne~~~ ) He had found the wallscreen (is that the correct term used?) which protrayed the late Kiyomori's dream. It's the one which Ushikawa had drawn a circle, depicting the sun and which Kiyomori drawn a ship. Upon seeing it, tears welled up in his eyes as Munemori became reminded of the time when Kiyomori explained his dream to Yoshitsune. He also remembered how he threw stones at the wallscreen. (Funny but the wallscreen wasn't damaged. *lol*) Munemori decided to burn the wallscreen. He was both angry and sad as he approached the wallscreen with a lighted fire-torch in his hand. He had tears welled up in his eyes. However, just at the last moment befor the fire-torch could touch the wallscreen, a sudden huge gush of wind blew and knocked the fire-torch out of Munemori's hands. (O__O''') Perhaps Munemori felt that it was the supernatural at work here, so he gave up the idea of destroying the wallscreen and stormed off in a huff. (Thank goodness he didn't burn it!! *phew* So Snuffles, Syl and I were able to see it on display at NHK StudioPark. *LMAO*)

PS: I aint being a good blog mistress at all. So lovesick from watching the various concert clips, especially Zubari!!!!! *hides in a corner and cries* It makes it so hard to write my concert report!!! *sobz*


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