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Sunday, July 31, 2005

11:40 pm

30 @ 050731


Yoritomo is angry with Yoshitsune for accepting the appointment from Goshirakawa without approval from Yoritomo. With the appointment, Yoshitsune's status and position is now only slightly below Yoritomo's.

Moe appears in today episode but only says one line. ^^;;; Utsubo suudenly charges into Yoshitsune's house to find Yoshitsune about Shizuka. However, Saburo, Jiro and Kisanta manage to stop Ustubo in time. Upon hearing the commotion, Shizuka comes out. The two women have a heartfelt talk. I think Utsubo feels unjust for Shizuka now that Moe is to be married to Yoshitsune. However, Shizuka explains to Utsubo that she is fine and accepts her status and position.

Meanwhile, Tomomori and Noriyori are engaged in battle. Being excluded from the Genji army, Yoshitsune spends days in Kyoto busy cracking down burglars. To stop their violence, Yoshitsune asks for help from one of his old acquaintances who holds control of the underworld. (Remember the old man in the wheelchair? Yeah, he's the gang ring leader. *lol*) With his aid, Yoshitsune persuades the leaders of the thieves out of burglaries. Goshirakawa, who is pleased to see Kyoto regain peace, proposes further promotion for Yoshitsune. Yoshitsune writes to Yoritomo and asks him for approval. Sensing Goshirakawa's real intention and feeling angry at Yoshitsune for being blind to Goshirakawa's trick, Yoritomo does not reply.

Yoshitsune is summoned by Goshirakawa for a talk. Goshirakawa talks about Tokiwa. Yoshitsune feels an affinity with him, which is all part of Goshirakawa's plot to get Yoshitsune on his side. (Yoshitsune is now addressed as "Kuro Shogun Yoshitsune". As a show of a raise in status, he now wears a outer layer of white costume and red collar on top of whatever he is wearing inside. His hat is now also taller and the tip is more pointed now as well.)

Hime (Yoritomo's and Masako's daughter) is sick in bed. Masako is worried and goes see her. Hime only utters one word, "Yoshitaka-sama....". She is pining for Yoshitaka. Masako tells Yoritomo. Yoritomo is also worried and goes see her. However, Hime continues to pine for Yoshitaka. Yoritomo and Masako hire monks to pray for Yoshitaka. Hime prays as well. However, her condition does not improve. She only shows a blank and listless expression.

Without Yoritomo’s agreement, Goshirakawa pushes through with Yoshitsune's second promotion. Yoritomo is further irritated with Yoshitsune for having accepted the position. However, hearing that Noriyori is putting up a hard fight, Yoritomo orders Yoshitsune to rejoin the army to fight against the Heike family. When Goshirakawa informs Yoshitsune about Yoritomo's decision, Yoshitsune is extremely happy to be included back in the Genji army.


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Saturday, July 30, 2005

12:52 pm


A short and simple tribute.
"Could we see when and where we are to meet again, we would be more tender when we bid our friends good-bye. ."
Written by: Marie Louise De La Ramee


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Friday, July 29, 2005

9:29 pm

Hakkenden anime

I finally managed to finish downloading The Hakkenden anime a while back. *phew* Ok, it's considered short for an anime, 13 episodes only. I know the likes of POT, Inuyasha or One Piece has 100+ episodes. So I shouldn't complain so much. *LOL* Anyway, I started searching around for somewhere to d/l the anime ever since I heard that there was one done sometime back in 1999 (I think?). I don't have to say the reason why I was even looking for the anime in the first place right? *^_^* So well, here's some insight for fans to perhaps expect in 2006? I'm not sure if the TBS SP will follow closely to the anime. But the anime follows the book pretty closely. So it should be quite safe I guess.


Look at how bishie Shino looks!!! *droooolssss* No wonder why Takki was picked desho? When I was watching the anime, I could imagine Takki in those clothes with his choco hair already! Are they going to make Takki tie his hair up like in the anime? Mitai!~~~~ Among all the brothers, Shino looks the best! And he can be said to be the lead character as the main plot does revolve around him. Aa... I shall not say any spoilers for anyone *zips* Just that... I ENVY the female who is going to act as Hamaji!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *turns super duper green* Btw, in case you didn't know yet, Hamaji is Shino's love in the story.

Here, drool some more. I can just totally see Takki in this pose with the clothes, hair and all already!!!! Kyah!~~~~~



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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

9:29 am

Takki @ Johnny Film Festa 2005

*chuglomps Takki pics* Lookie!!!!!! He looks so pretty!!!!!!! *drrooooollllsssssss*

Thank you Yona and Bee for the links!!! Credits: Yahoo Auctions

+ Takki + Takitsuba + Tsuba + Tsuba + Tsuba & Ken +


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Sunday, July 24, 2005

11:55 pm

29 @ 050724


Yoshitsune tries to recruit new soldiers in Kyoto but finds it difficult as he has no official rank. Meanwhile, Goshirakawa receives a letter from Yoritomo. In the letter, Yoritomo recommends his retainers for official positions but the list does not include Yoshitsune’s name. Learning that Yoritomo has something against Yoshitsune, Goshirakawa comes up with an idea of exploiting Yoritomo’s feelings against Yoshitsune. Goshirakawa appoints Yoshitsune an official in charge of police affairs. Though Yoshitsune hesitates to accept the appointment without recommendation by Yoritomo, he gives in to Goshirakawa’s persuasion. Yoshitsune’s act makes Yoritomo indignant and Yoritomo excludes Yoshitsune from the operation of chasing after the Heike family.

Meanwhile, in the Heike family, one of the brothers became a monk, rowed out to sea and committed suicide by jumping into the sea. O__O''' I think he felt remorse or guilty for something.

In addition, Yoritomo sends a woman named Moe (MOE?!) to Yoshitsune and tell him to marry her. Yoshitsune is torn. However, he knows that in order to show his allegiance to Yoritomo, he has to take Moe as his wife. Shizuka learns about this. She knows that Yoshitsune has no choice. She wanted to leave. However, after the persuasion of Yoshitsune and Benkei & Co, she agrees to stay. (Hmm...Moe is supposed to be a kind woman. So there is no need to hate her. *lol* I think she is also forced into marriage? I think she will find out that Yoshitsune's love aint her soon.)

Tokiwa is in poor health. One day, she arrives at night to visit Yoshitsune. She leaves behind her last words. Just that I don't think Yoshitsune knows that she is sick. Soon after, Benkei comes to inform Yoshitsune that Tokiwa is very sick in bed. Yoshitsune rushes to go see her. He tried to wake her up but she didn't stir. Yoshitsune reminsces about him as a boy spending time with Tokiwa.


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Thursday, July 21, 2005

1:51 am

T&T Unit Con @ Shimane

The name of T&T's Unit Con @ Shimane on 22nd of October is out!!!


Details here (click it!):

PS: Takki, pls take care of yourself in Mongolia + China!!! *sniff sniff* Sabishi ne~~~ We're all missing you already!!!

PSS: I hate it that I can't make it to Shimane. URGH!!!!

(Editted @ 050721 3.30PM)

The concert is being held at Shimane to commemorate the inauguration anniversary of Izumo. It is also the Sanin-Chuo TV's 35th Anniversary. This time, the unit con is Yoshitsune theme. OMG. YOSHITSUNE THEME????? I wana go! I wana go! I wana go! I wana go! I wana go! I wana go! I wana go! T&T acting out the scene of Tsuba as Yoichi shooting the arrow kana? Unless Takki is doing a solo Yoshitsune scene like in GO! Con? Hmm... Battle scenes kana? But he will need a horse to act out a battle scene right? Takki riding on Slyph in Izumo Dome kana???!? Mitai~~~~~~ (That would be hellva idea. *LOL*) There is a connection between Izumo City and Benkei. Not sure what it yet. I can't view Japanese characters in office. So, Benkei as special guest for Izumo Dome kana? Do the real bridge scene this time!!!! *LOL* Though chibi Benkei did quite a good job for GO! Con, I think it would be great if Takki and Benkei renact the bridge scene in real life desho? *drools over kakkoii Shanaou-sama* There was an interview with the Shimane local news show. T&T says that it's their LAST con of the YEAR (Snuffles..... it's YEAR. Repeat after me, Y. E. A. R. *lol*). Ok, I was harbouring hopes for a T&T con in the midst of Takki solo con dates. I mean, there was this hope since Tsuba has a T&T con in the midst of his solo con dates. Ever since I found out that it's their last unit con of the year, that hope went *poof*.

The concert tickets were open to the junior FC members, now ticket sales will be sold to the GENERAL PUBLIC starting on 28th July at 9pm. Ticket price is 6,300 yen. (Snuffles!! It's NOT impossible yo! It's even open to public sales now! How rare is that??? Am i trying to psycho you to go or what? *LMAO*)

PS: Please visit 2nd Face for more info. Credits: 2nd Face

PSS: 20,000 people?!


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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

11:18 am

Happy Birthday Yvie!!

Happy Birthday Yvie!

Yvie, O-Tanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu!!!

Thank you for all the crazy whacked-up fangirl sessions and being there to rant + rave together!! *LOL* May you enjoy your day when you wake up later!! (cos you're most probably sleeping as I blog now. ^^;;;) Sorry this ain't a pic of Takki feeding you cake. But he looks so cute here that I couldn't resist using this pic to wish you. Actually, I wanted to wish you with a Takki nekkid tamago pic of Go Con. But you've that already desho? *wink* Well, stay Takki-crazy and genki always! Here's wishing you all the best in whatever you do (including plotting sakusens and saving up $ *lol*) and enjoy your day today!!!! Chuuuu~~~~ ^3^


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Monday, July 18, 2005

7:18 am

Takki News

1) There will be a Zubari Iu Wa Yo 3 Hr Special on 9th August!

2) Takki updated his Takiren! In Vol. 174, Takki played baseball with the crew and co-actors of Yoshitsune!! They even wore baseball uniforms with the "Genji" and "Heike" words behind to differentiate the 2 teams!! *LMAO* Oh my..they are taking this seriously aren't they? He called it the Genpei War. There is an actual Genpei War in Yoshitsune. And Takki was the leader of the "Genji" team while Munemori was the leader of the "Heike" team. So this baseball match is likened to the Genpei War? *ROFL*


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Sunday, July 17, 2005

11:50 pm

28 @ 050717


Alert: CHILD MURDERER ON THE LOOSE!! *whips lightsaber out*

Having beaten the army of the Heike clan at Ichinotani, Yoshitsune returns to Kyoto. Shizuka meets Yoshitsune and his retainers at the door. She and Yoshitsune are so happy to see each other. (I'm happy to see both of you happy too!!! ^_^) Shizuka congratulates them on their victory.

Yoshitsune is worried about Shigehira, who used to be Yoshitsune's playmate in the Heike household. Shigehira has been held captive in the Ichinotani battle and Kajiwarano Kagetoki insists on beheading Shigehira. Yoshitsune has a suggestion and the Genji family decides to adopt Yoshitsune’s suggestion. They made Shigehira write a letter to the Heike family, offering a bargain to the Heike family to return Shigehira in exchange for the three sacred imperial treasures which the Heike family took away from Kyoto with them. The Heike family receives the letter. Shigehira's wife is very emotional and upset and pleads with Munemori to accept the bargain. However, Munemori rejects the proposal and Shigehira is sent to Kamakura by Yoritomo’s command. Yoshitsune volunteers to escort Shigehira to Kamakura. He apologises to Shizuka for leaving Kyoto so soon again but Shizuka assures him to not worry about her. Yoshitsune is very heartened that Shizuka is so understanding. (Awww...... so sweet!!!) During one of the stops along the way to Kamakura, Yoshitsune and Shigehira have a heart-to-heart talk. They both reminise about their childhood days.

In Kamakura, Yoshitsune receives praises from Yoritomo for his performance in the battle at Ichinotani and spends days peacefully for a while. Masako (stupid ebil woman... grrr...) tells Yoshitsune that Yoshitaka and her daughter miss him. So Yoshitsune goes and visit them. One night, Yoshitsune and his retainers drink and celebrate with Benkei's lover and her father being present too. Later, Benkei and his lover spend some time alone talking. (*LOL*)

One day, Yoritomo’s daughter, who has heard of Yoshinaka’s death, attempts to let Yoshitaka run away. She enlists the help of her two housemaids. During the night, one of the housemaids together with a servant manages to sneak Yoshitaka out of the house grounds. However, Yoritomo finds out and sends men out to search for them. Yoshitaka is caught and Yoritomo commands his retainers to behead Yoshitaka. Meanwhile, Yoshitsune is informed of Yoshitaka's escape and capture. He is both shocked and upset. He wanted to rush over to talk to Yoritomo but is stopped by one of Yoritomo's retainers. Even after Yoshitsune knelt and pleaded with that retainer for him to go talk to Yorimoto, he refused. The next morning, the execution of Yoshitaka is held. Benkei, Jiro and Saburo return and inform Yoshitsune of the devastating news. All of them broke down and cried. Yoshitsune goes and find Yoritomo's daughter. He happens to see her crying and wanting to rush out of the house to find Yoshitaka. Upon seeing Yoshitsune, she blamed him for not stopping her father's cruel decision. Then, Yoritomo asks to see Yoshitsune. Yoritomo tries to make Yoshitsune see his side of reason. In the end, Yoshitsune leaves with a heavy heart and is very upset by the events that have taken place. Soon after, Yoshitsune and his retainers leave to return to Kyoto.


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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

7:21 am

Takki's TBS SP

A very quick post early in the morning!!

Remember Takki is going to star in a new TBS 50th Anniversary SP 『里見八犬伝』 SATOMI HAKKENDEN? The news made it to the entertainment news today! Other actors/actresses co-starring in the show include 仲間由紀恵 (Nakama Yukie, the actress who plays the teacher in Gokusen. Btw, she's the taiga lead for 2006. Omedetou ne!!! *throws confetti in the air* ) and 菅野美穂. Takki is going to star as 犬塚信乃(しの)INUZUKA SHINO!!!!

+ Yomiuri + Sanspo + Chunichi +

Yoshitsune is due to end airing on 11th December 2005. The filming for Satomi Hakkenden will take approximately 5 months and some parts of the filming will take place in Inner Mongolia China!!! (Eh? China? Hmmm.... This reminds me of the time when Takki went to the Shaolin Temple for Golden Muscle. *lol* ) But how on earth is Takki going to manage shooting for BOTH Yoshitsune AND Satomi Hakkenden?????!?! Yes, I know Takki is a wonder boy. He really is. But...but... he needs a REST!!!! *cries* He really does!!! he still has his solo concerts coming up!!! OMG!! How on earth is he going to do everything???

Johnny Kitagawa!!! Do you hear me hollering?????

Unless there are Takki-clones around ala Amo CM, I reiterate my stand. Takki ain't human. Muri....Muri... *shakes head violently*

And I think the production budget for this special is HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of JAPANESE YEN!??!?!! OMG!!! *gasp* This is just a special right? It's only going to air on 2 days and a total of 5 hours desho? The budget is humongous!!!! It's not even a taiga like Yoshitsune!!! And CG technology is going to be used in this drama too!!! WOAH! This TBS Special is really going to be something ne! I can't wait for it already!!!! O-tanoshimi ni!!! The SP is due to air in January 2006. Ok, minna, mark your calendar down for another historic landmark in Takki's career!!! Such a humongous budget for a drama warrants us fans to feel extremely proud of him ne!!!! Ok, I am already extremely proud of him. But this just makes me feel even more so!!! ^_^ Takki's character, Shino is a young, beautiful samurai bishounen who was actually raised by his mother as a girl. *LMAO* The scriptwriter said that the only person who came to mind to act this character was Takki!!!! See see!!! Takki is just so amazingly charismatic that he dazzles everyone and the FIRST person who always comes to people's/scripterwriter's/director's minds is always him!!! This exact same thing happened for the casting of Yoshitsune too!!! fufufufu~~~~ Ain't we proud of Takki being able to have such an effect on people ne? ^_^ Seriously, many non-Takki fans I know are very impressed by his acting in Yoshitsune. So I really think Yoshitsune is truly a major highlight of his career. I'm really very very happy that Takki got the lead in a taiga. ^_^ Now that Takki's starring in this TBS Special, I'm even more happy for him!!! Honto ni yokatta ne!!!! ^_^V

PS: Darn...why ain't there TBS available on cable?! X____X'''

Background info on Satomi Hakkenden:

The book was written by TAKIZAWA Bakin (1767-1848). Aint't that such a BIG coincidence that the author's surname is EXACTLY the SAME?? It's fate I tell ya, it's FATE!!! *LOL* It took him almost 30 years to finish writing Hakkenden. He started writing when he was 47 years old. Near the end, when he was in his seventies, he had to use an amanuensis to complete the work. The amazing fact about this is that he wrote the last third of Hakkenden while he was totally blind!!! He had to count the characters off, kanji and kana, one by one, for the printer. *gasp* Satomi Hakkenden is a complex story spanning 181 chapters and is considered one of the greatest literary works to emerge from the Edo/Tokugawa Era. Bakin was heavily influenced by classical Chinese romances (ie. Romance of the Three Kingdoms) and thus, Hakkenden is a unique fusion of the classical Chinese romance, a Confucian text, and the Tokugawa Shogun culture. It is the longest work of Japanese fiction and possibly the longest written romance ever.

In an area of Japan called Awa, there are two families that control the area, the Satomi Clan and the Anzai Clan. The Satomi fall upon hard times and ask the Anzai for help. Rather than sending aid, Lord Anzai sends troops to destroy the Satomi, who, overwhelmed by hunger and the Anzai forces, barricade themselves within their castle. Finally, after numerous failed attempts to assassinate Lord Anzai, the Satomi realize that they have no other choice than to surrender. In joking desperation, the head of the Satomi clan (Satomi Yoshizane) promises to give the house dog (Yatsufusa) his daughter's (Fusehime) hand in marriage if Yatsufusa brings Lord Anzai's head. Amazingly, the dog goes off and returns with Lord Anzai's head, allowing the Satomi to finally overwhelm the Anzai forces. However, Yoshizane refuses to uphold his promise, but Fusehime, a stickler for promises, insists on upholding it and leaves with Yatsufusa for the mountains.

A year or so passes, and Fusehime finds out in a vision that she is with child (a litter of 8) and that the Satomi clan has a curse upon it. About this time, a former retainer of the Satomi clan comes into the mountains to save Fusehime. Tragically, in his attempt to shoot and kill Yatsufusa, he instead shoots Fusehime, who, realizing that she is dying and fearing what she may give birth to, kills herself (Thus, in an "honorable act," she has avoided her fate and paved the way to lift the Satomi curse). As she dies, the 8 beads on a rosary that she wears begin to glow and then fly off into the night. Within a few years, 8 sons are born to fathers whose last names begin with the kanji for dog, "Inu". Each of these sons is born holding one of the 8 beads from Fusehime's rosary. Within each of those beads is written a kanji that represents a Confucian ideal. These boys grow up as the embodiment of that particular ideal. These "Eight Dog Warriors" are to lift the curse from the Satomi family.

Inuzuka Shino (meaning "Filial Piety")
As a boy, his parents dressed him up as a girl to save him from the wrath of the gods. But when he comes of age, his disguise is removed and he is entrusted with the legendary Murasame sword by his father Bansaku. After witnessing the death of his father, Shino, devastated, decides to journey to Koga and present the Murasame to Lord Ashikaga. Thus the journey begins... He will marry Hamaji.

Inukawa Sosuke (meaning "Justice/Honor/Duty")
After the death of his father, Sosuke and his mother were forced to leave their home. They journeyed through the bitter cold to Awa. On their journey his mother dies, but Sosuke is "saved" by Hikiroku of Otsuka village. In return for saving his life, Hikiroku makes Sosuke his man-servant for life and changes his name to Gakuzo.

When Shino begins his journey to Koga, Sosuke is ordered by Kamezasa, Shino's aunt, to kill him and bring back the Murasame. In return, he would be able to leave the house of Otsuka and restore his family name. In their confrontation, Sosuke and Shino learn that fate has brought them together and they both make a pledge of brotherhood.

Inuyama Dosetsu (meaning "Loyalty")
As a boy, he was poisoned by his father's mistress. He survived, but the mistress was forced out of the house along with Dosetsu's half-sister Hamiji. When he grew older, he searched everywehere for his sister but to no avail.

One day while hiding from his pursuers, Dosetsu became reunited with his sister, but their reunion was to be ill-fated. Dosetsu tried to save Hamiji from the evil Aboshi but instead of saving her, he accidently kills her. Before Hamiji dies, she makes Dosetsu promise to return the Murasame, which was stolen by Aboshi, to Shino. Dosetsu promises her, but all that is on his mind is revenge.will have possession of the real "Murasame," which he took from Aboshi.

Inukai Genpachi (meaning "Faith")
Once a guard for Horyu Tower, Genpachi now spends his days in the castle dungeon. After Shino arrives and presents Lord Ashikaga with a fake Murasame, he is immediately ordered to death. Shino surprised that the real Murasame isn't in it's sheath, remembers his confrontation with Aboshi and tries to explain, but to no avail. With Lord Ashikaga's men already surrounding him, Shino makes a desperate getaway. He is able to make it out of the castle and unto the rooftop.

Lord Ashikaga unsatisfied with his men's attempt to capture Shino, reluctantly orders the release of Genpachi. What ensues next is a climatic battle between the two on Horyu Tower, which they destroy.

Inuda Kobungo (meaning "Brotherly Affection")
Since he was a boy, Kobungo has been blessed with enormous strength. In his youth, he used to fight and get drunk alot, until one tragic event. The death of his father. During one of Kobungo's fights his father gets in the way of his blade and is killed. Ever since that day Kobungo has pledged never to use violence.

Now he works as an innkeeper/fisherman and during one of his fishing trips, he finds Shino and Genpachi entangled in his nets..

Inuzaka Keno (meaning "Wisdom")
When Keno was just a boy, his father was murdered for his possession of two mystical flutes.
In his quest to avenge his father, Keno travels the countryside in the guise of a dancing girl. During one of his travels, Keno runs into Kobungo, whom he notices is carrying one of sacred flutes. When a town skirmish occurs, Keno steals the mystic flute and leaves.

During the skirmish Kobungo saves the town leaders son and is brought to his house and invited to stay for the concert, being performed by Keno, that evening. At the concert in Taigyuro Hall, Keno begins to play the magical flute thus reuniting the two flutes. Their harmony creates a destructive sound, which almost immediately begins to shatter the hall. In the midst of all this comotion, Keno announces himself to the lord and declares vengeance for his father. A heated battle ensues. In the end only three survive - Keno, Kobungo, and the lord's son.

Inumura Daikaku (meaning "Courtesy/Appreciation")
Daikaku has been living as a recluse ever since he was disowned by his father, who has been taken over by evil spirits. His wife Hinaginu has also been accused of cheating on him because she mysteriously became pregnant. In the midst of all this despair comes Genpachi, who helps to rekindle the fire within Daikaku.

Throughout the town it has been rumoured that an evil spirit has possessed Daikaku's father. Genpachi and Daikaku uncover the truth as they battle the Ghost Cat.

Inue Shinbei (meaning "Benevolence/Compassion/Humanity")
He is the nephew of Kobungo. Shinbei is the youngest of the litter, but far stronger and better skilled with the sword then the others. His main weakness is his age. He rushes into things too much without really thinking it through. These actions start to get on the nerves of all his brothers.


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Monday, July 11, 2005

11:18 am

Takiren 173 cute *pinch pinch squish chuglomps Takki* Takki asked everyone to repeat after him in his latest Takiren to PROMISE to watch yesterday's episode of Yoshitsune in REAL-time. *LOL* Takki being the salesman again ne? This time to boost ratings for Yoshitsune ne. I hope he ain't too stressed + pressurized by the ratings. *pet Takki's head* Takki, we do watch it real-time yo! We do!!! But....I don't think overseas fans watching NHK W contributes to your ratings yo! You know what, I don't think even the ratings from Osaka contribute to the ratings!!! X___X It's just Tokyo na.... My family knows that I watch Yoshitsune real-time faithfully every week such that they don't bother asking me if I wana go out on Sundays or go out for dinner in the evenings anymore. *LOL* My mum even asked me how long Yoshitsune was going to air for. Ma, gomen ne, it's going to air for ONE WHOLE YEAR yo. *LOL*

Credits: Jan & Snuffles


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Sunday, July 10, 2005

11:50 pm

27 @ 050710


PS: Takki was choouuuuuuu kakkoii during the battle scenes!!!!!!!
Yoshitsune-sama DAISUKI!!!

Goshirakawa has issued the order to attack the Heike family, so Yoshitsune heads to Ichinotani, a natural stronghold surrounded by the sea and super steep cliffs where the Heike has positioned themselves. Tomomori, hearing that Yoshitsune’s army is approaching, sends a part of his troops to Mikusa Mountain for an ambush. Yoshitsune scents Tomomori’s tactics and send Saburo and Jiro to go become scouts. Saburo and Jiro see the Heike's preparations for battle and are shocked. They know it is difficult to defeat the Heike. They return to the Genji camp with a local hunter and his sister. With the two as guides, Yoshitsune and the rest of the Genji leaders survey the enemy position and finds out that it is hard to beat them by a frontal attack.

Back in Kyoto, Utsubo is worried about Yoshitsune going to battle. She goes to find Shizuka and they both comfort and find solace in each other. At night, Shizuka plays the flute and thinks about Yoshitsune.

Yoshitsune came up with a plan. At night, Yoshitsune and his army shoot lighted arrows at the Heike camp of the troops waiting in ambush. Benkei also leads the soldiers in beating drums and making a lot of noise. (Scare tactic kana?) All the Heike soldiers run off. Thus, the Heike camp is burnt down overnight. Therefore, by employing tactful tactics, Yoshitsune beats the Heike’s troops in Mikusa Mountain without losing his army and advances to Ichinotani. Around that time, Munemori receives a letter from Goshirakawa. In the letter, Goshirakawa tells Munemori to avoid fights and wait because Goshitakawa is working on the reconciliation between the Heike and the Genji families. Munemori believes the words of Goshiraka and is relieved, falling into Goshiraka’s trap. Thus, the battle between the Heike and the Genji begins.

Yoshitsune and the Genji army decide to attack the Heike when they least expect it, in the wee hours of the morning. With a "Katagata miaru~~~~", (the ever-famous line in Yoshitsune so far. It even made a cameo in GO! Con. *LOL*) Yoshitsune leads the army down the very steep hill. Everyone charges downhill on their horses. The hill is really very steep!! There were even a few soldiers who fell off their horses and fell. All the Heike were taken by surprise. Munemori, Tomomori and all the women including Tokiko and young Emperor Antoku were safely hideen away on Heike ships anchored slightly offshore. When Yoshitsune and the Genji army started attacking, the Heike army started retreating to the Heike ships and sailed away. Munemori watched in horror as he witnesses the defeat of the Heike army from his ship.

Yoshitsune and the Genji army return to Kyoto victorious and parades through the streets. However, Yoshitsune is not very happy as after all, he had to battle against his playmates whom he had thought were his blood brothers.


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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

3:11 pm

Tsubacon Dates!! T&T CONCERT??!?!?!

Cannot think straight now. Trying to keep a straight face at work now. I'm expecting hellva screaming session with Snuffles, Fang and Jam later when we meet up. What a coincidence that we planned to meet up today!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to scream to someone physically now!!!!! How to keep cool and calm at work now??!!!!! I'm totally stunned!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


9/17 - Tokyo International Forum A Hall
9/18 - Tokyo International Forum A Hall
9/19 - Tokyo International Forum A Hall
9/24 - Niigata Telsa
9/25 - Nagano
10/1 - Zepp Sendai (Standing)
10/2 - Zepp Sendai (Standing)
10/8 - Osaka Festival Hall
10/9 - Osaka Festival Hall
10/10 - Osaka Festival Hall
10/15 - Fukuoka Sun Palace
10/16 - Nagasaki Brick Hall
10/23 - Hiroshima
10/30 - Hokkaido Koseinenkin
11/6 - Nagoya Century Hall

There will only be ONE concert per day except in Sendai, Hiroshima, Hokkaido and Nagoya where there will be TWO concerts per day.

You think what you read was shocking? This is the REAL shocker.

10/22 - Shimane (Izumo Dome)

There will be TWO concerts on that ONE day.

Credits of info: 2nd Face
Thanks Yona for hollering to me at work!!!! And to Fang and Nat for the "emergency meeting"!! *LOL*


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2:29 am

Takki CMs

Before I hit everyone with screencaps from Takki's new Olympus CM, I got another shocker today. Takki has ANOTHER new Complete AMO CM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't our boy supposed to be really busy with shooting Yoshitsune battle scenes?!!! And how on earth does Takki manage to be soooo kirei in one CM and sooooo kawaii in another??? Is he human???! Oh nope...he ain't human at all. (Right, Snuffles, Yvie, Bee? *ROFL*) Takki's just SO SUPER DUPER EXTREMELY CUTE in the new AMO CM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unbelieveable!!!!! It's been so long since Takki had a cute CM!! All his recent Olympus ones have been kakkoii /+ kirei. This new cute CM is really very refreshing!! I LOVE it!!!!

Ok, get yourself ready for a chouuuu kirei Takki in the new Olympus CM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to expand my dictionary. I'm running out of words to describe this boy!!!! No words is enough/sufficient/accurate to put across how kirei Takki looks!!!! Look at his hair!!!!! Definitely chocolate good enough to eat yo!!! OIISHI!!!!!!!! And he looks so good in this plain white outfit!! Everything looks so clean + pure + innocent + pretty!!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

CHOUUUU KIREI desho??? *nods head vigorously* Anyone needs buckets to drool in???? *nods head doubly vigorously* We even have multiple clones of Takki in this CM!!! More to drool over huh? *LMAO* But erm.. what on earth is this new Olympus model that they are promoting??? I'm not paying any attention to it at all!!!! *LMAO* I'm just staring at Takki's face, expressions, hair, eyes, nose, etc.. and drooling buckets + buckets!!!! So pretty!!!!!*thud thud* Sorry... ^^;;; *chuglomps chou kirei Takki* Hmmm.... the focus on the lens in the CM this time looks like a CM for Complete Amo doesn't it? *LOL*

(Editted @ 050705 1:25PM)

PS: I just found out...I think the new Olympus CM is for the new Olympus mju8ood. Not that it matters to me.. but well, erm... we should at least know the exact product Takki's endorsing desho? *lol*

Credits: Bee


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Monday, July 04, 2005

12:30 am

26 @ 050704

Such an exciting episode!!! And the next few episodes too!!!! Waah!!!! I love Yoshitsune!!!! Ratings gambatte!!!! ^_^V

+ ONE + TWO +

Yoshinaka's head is displayed in public, hung on top from a door. (I'm not sure but I think it is hung at the door of his residence?) The public cry at the sight because of the cruelty. Someone picked up a stone and wanted to throw it at Yoshinaka's head but Yoshitsune stopped him. Yoshitsune cannot restrain himself from opposing the cruel treatment. But he knows he cannot oppose to it publicly. Then, Yoshitsune sees Tomoe. She is in despair. She is now dressed in plain clothes and looks haggard and dishevelled. Upon seeing Yoshinaka's head, she reached for her dagger and wanted to pull it out to kill herself. But Yoshitsune stopped her and urges her to live on.

Yoshitsune goes to Kurama Temple to pray. The abbot who looked after him when he used to stay there came and both of them talked. (The abbot has white hair now!! They made him look old!!! But how come Yoshitsune STILL looks the same whether he was Shanaou-sama or Yoshitsune-sama? I wonder if they will "try" to make him look older when he gets married and have children? I mean, they don't have to make Yoshitsune have white hair to have the aged look. I'm sure there are other cosmetic methods to achieve an older look. Yoshitsune really looks the SAME as when he was younger as Shanaou!!!!! How can that be right? *LMAO*)

In the meantime, the Heike army at Ichinotani makes preparations for a battle. The Genji family also prepares its troops for the battle against the Heike. Yoshitsune visits Goshirakawa to await the imperial order to go to battle at Ichinotani. However, Goshiraka spies Yoshitsune from behind a curtain instead. It is Goshirakawa's woman who talks to Yoshitsune instead. Yoshitsune senses Goshirakawa spying.

When Yoshitsune returns home, Kisanta comes to tell him that a guest has arrived to see him. As Yoshitsune proceeds to see his guest, suddenly ALL his retainers come and walk with him to go see the guest as well. ALL of them had this "anticipating + eager + cannot contain their excitement + while still trying to keep their faces straight" look. I got all excited and suspected something really fishy. *LOL* When Yoshitsune arrived at the room door, Benkei said, "Douzo~~" and opened the door. Yappari!! Hora!!! SHIZUKA!!!!! The two are delighted to be able to see each other once again. (Oh yea!!!! ^_^V Watashi mo!!!! Super excited yo!!! Yes I know. I'm insane for going nuts over a taiga. I can't believe myself. Like hello?! It's a historical drama for goodness sake!!! How much excitedness can one have over some boring history??? *whacks myself* Snuffles and I were so excited over yesterday's episode that we were sms-ing each other during the Yoshitsune x Shizuka scenes!!) When the order to attack the Heike was finally given, Yoshitsune and his army leave for Ichinotani.


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Saturday, July 02, 2005

2:25 am

Takki News

A quick short post.

1) Takki updated Takiren No. 172!!! He got seasick while filming a very important battle scene in Yoshitsune!! Oh no!!! Takki wa daijoubu???

2) Takki has a new Olympus CM!!!!! It first aired on 30th June!!!!! Did anyone know about this??? Kyah!!!!~~~~ Chocolate-hair-CGI Takki mitai!!~~~~~~

More info here: + Takki Olympus CM +


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